7. Woody and Buzz's arguement (Toy Story 1)
Once again, it's Toy Story 1. *Evil Laugh* Woody hates Buzz because Buzz replaced him.

How dare Shanti insulted Mowgli. She says that Mowgli is a real jungle boy. But Mowgli lives in the man village.

This অ্যানিমেশন of Quasimodo is cheesy.

Don't talk about this moment of Pocahontas 2, আপনি guys, because it's the nastiest sequel of all time.

Wendy gets kidnapped দ্বারা Captain Hook's pirates and she's told দ্বারা Captain Hook saying, "Peter Pan will be blasted out of neverland forever!"

Jane hates peter pan stories because Peter Pan isn't in real life. Later, Jane kills TinkerBell. What a beast!

Jane screams and it's really annoying. I blame her. She's evil.
6. Shanti saying that Mowgli is ugly (The Jungle Book 2)
5. Quasimodo crying (The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
4. Pocahontas arrested দ্বারা the guards (Pocahontas 2)
3. Wendy in distress (Peter Pan)
2. Jane's big arguement (Return to Neverland)
1. Jane's scream (Return to Neverland)