Lovely artwork!!
Hi guys, I remember growing up watching this film and it has always been part of my childhood. What আপনি are going to read is my review and personal opinions about the film, enjoy!

The Story

From what I had read, Lewis Carroll based this story on Alice Liddell, who is the namesake protagonist of the film. I managed to read the book a few years পূর্বে and the story was very whimsical and it eerily reminds me of the Harry Potter Series!

The Acting

Now, don't get me wrong, I was really amazed দ্বারা Kathryn Beaumont's অভিনয় as this was her major film as I know for a fact that she acted in minor roles previously. In fact, she would later be call back to play Wendy Darling in Peter Pan and would later quit অভিনয় to become a school teacher. Overall, she's perfect and I'm very happy for her that she nailed both characters convincingly.
I really প্রণয় the কুইন of Hearts দ্বারা Vernon Felton, I always thought she was a motherly figure as I had seen her in Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. But she really pulls a very good villain in a comically!

The Song

I have to say that Kathryn could really sing perfectly in her own way, my favourite would be 'In A World Of My Own' mainly because I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, this is why Alice is my favourite character alongside Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

In A World Of My Own

So, do আপনি agree with this review? I'm definitely going to watch this as well the live action version soon!
Dinah and Alice