Miss Saigon
Hi guys, since I had done for Charles Dicken's story suggestions. So, now let's focus on musicals, shall we?

1) Miss Saigon

The story is base on Giacomo Puccini's Madame Butterfly, the settings and time period were change to Vietnam and 1970's during the Vietnam War from 19th century Imperial Japan. It's about a young Vietnamese girl who falls in প্রণয় with an American G.I., only to go back to the US where he is already married to a young American girl, heartbroken, the Vietnamese girl committed suicide while her young son is taken in দ্বারা his new American parents.

2) Aida

Another musical adaptation base on Giuseppe Verdi's opera of the same name, it would be interesting to have another black and Egyptian princess/ heroine as part of the ডিজনি Princess lineup.

3) Whistle Down The Wind

I absolutely প্রণয় the songs, especially No Matter What and the শিরোনাম song because they are very inspirational and ডিজনি should definitely do this musical!

4) Oklahoma!

We need a Cowboy film, so this should be perfect choice for ডিজনি to make into a film.

Musical অনুরাগী Calling!

So, do আপনি agree with my 4 choices? Tell me on what আপনি think!
No Matter What!
Cowboy Bebop