Lily James!
If ডিজনি were to make a live action film featuring a brand new heroine. Here are my dream casts and why!

1) The Heroine (Lily James)

I would প্রণয় to see her act in another ডিজনি film, considering that she played সিন্ড্রেলা in 2015. She should play a good heroine in this!

2) The Mother (Paige O' Hara)

The voice of Belle, I noticed that she looks like an elderly version of Lily James at some point, if the movie is out, I can tell that she and Lily James could have a strong chemistry together as mother and daughter.

3) The Father (Hugh Bonneville)

He is the perfect choice for Lily James's character's father and he is also from Downton Abbey, he's very convincing and cool at the same time.

4) The Boyfriend (Richard Madden)

Lily's costar from Cinderella, I প্রণয় the strong chemistry with Lily and I hope that they could be together in real life.

Do আপনি Agree?

So, do আপনি agree with my four choices? If আপনি have another choice, please leave a suggestions in the মতামত box!
The Perfect Father.
Prince Kit!