I loved this and the first movie ever since I was four I like the সেকেন্ড one way better than the first one. Soon after watching the full movie again I have to say I generally think the সেকেন্ড one is better than the first as a movie. I know a lot of people are gonna disagree with me, but I don't care this is MY opinion.
When পাঠ করা the plot it does sound simple and how the ডিজনি sequels. The plot is kinda predictable but it's a good message for anyone.

I think it's the main two characters really made the movie for me and others: অ্যাঞ্জেল and Scamp. They are probably both around my age (I turn 14 পরবর্তি month) and it makes them relatable. Lets talk about them individually. First Scamp, who people either see him as cute and relatable অথবা a brat. I can see why people see him as that because he's always wanting to be free but as being a teen that's what makes him likable. Lets talk about Angel, who is one of those characters who feels real and is like-able. She has a good and kind হৃদয় who is yet snarky and no she not that kind of snarky as in some kinky অনুরাগী art of her.

The অ্যানিমেশন in this movie is great like in the first movie I mean there's so much detail if আপনি look in the backgrounds.

The Songs
The songs are really good actually and are probably one of the most great of the ডিজনি sequels. The songs are catchy,like-able, and just good to listen to. The last song "Always There'' has a very good message.

The voice
The old characters do sound like them. Most of the new characters voices fit. But I do have to admit a I kinda wish they got real kids to do they অভিনয় cause it just sounds off like that.

So সামগ্রিক I still think it's WAY better than the first I highly recommend if আপনি haven't seen it. It's the only ডিজনি sequel thats's better than the first in my opinion.