The Best Of The Worst
I'm sure some people will disagree with my article, but um... oh well. This তালিকা isn't based on which ones are my পছন্দ villains. It's based on who is the most wicked out of all of them. For example even though my two পছন্দ are Cruella and Ursula they won't be listed as number one and number two, because I think there are some that are a lot meaner. And there are some like Scar that aren't big পছন্দ of mine, but that doesn't mean I don't think they're good at being bad. And well... আপনি get the idea.
Captain Hook:is obessed with getting back at Peter Pan for cutting off his hand.
Lady Tremaine (Evil Stepmother): forces her stepdaughter to be a servent, out fear that she might have a better life than her daughters.
Cruella DeVil: wants to kill কুকুরছানা so she could have a coat.
Jafar: tricks a boy into going into a dangerous cave, and later tries to kill him.
Maleficent: tries to kill an innicent child just because she wasn't invited to a party.
Ursula: uses a girl in an attempt to become কুইন of the sea, and later tries to kill her.
Hades: turns his nephew mortal and tries to kill him, so that he can be "head god".
Scar: murders his brother and tries kill his nephew to become king
The Evil Queen: tries to murder a girl just so she can be "the fairest in the land".
Judge Claude Frollo: tries to kill a whole race of people, and wants to do some very improper things to a young woman. Not to mention he thinks he's a holy man.