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I also পোষ্ট হয়েছে this on the ফ্রোজেন fanclub.

I never really liked this ship, which is why I've happily ignored it for months, and successfully have done so until recently. I've seen several অনুরাগী rumoring how Jelsa "has" to happen in ফ্রোজেন 2. They even started a FUCKING PETITION to put Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians in ফ্রোজেন 2.

I am fine with crossover shipping with ডিজনি and Dreamworks, I even ship Elsa with Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon. It's true I have many issues with this ship, but I don't care if আপনি ship Jelsa.

But just because a ship becomes popular, does not mean it will...
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Honestly, I think Honey লেবু is overrated and is talked about too many times among th Big Hero 6. Most of th reasons in my opinion are shallow in my opinion.

Everytime I say I dislike Honey লেবু everyone always assumes it's because she looks like Rapunzel as most of the few people who don't like her complain about.

No. I don't care if she looks like Rapunzel, nor do I even see a resemblance between the two visibly. Who cares, anyways?

It's আরো than that.

I remember before I watched the movie, everyone who watched the movie talked about her. I actually thought she was going to be a good character,...
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While Peter Pan battles Captain Hook high atop the Jolly Roger, hit the decks and look for these prized pirate possessions. Jafar was just about to hypnotise the Sultan when Prince Ali Ababwa showed up. If জুঁই falls for him, Jafar will never be Sultan. While Jafar tries to get rid of the new suitor, look for these members of Prince Ali's entrance parade. Sykes is very proud of Fagin who brought Oliver with a coin which ব্যক্ত Oliver. While Sykes strokes Oliver, look at all Sykes' things in his office.
    Back at the কেবিন the children were very worried and restless. They all sat out in the living room feeling worried, thinking about the adults, and wondering if they would be all right. After trying to reassure the children that everyone would be fine, ফ্ুলপাছ and Judy turned on a cartoon for them, hoping that it would keep there mind off the problems, but they were not that easily distracted.

    As the cartoon played the children remained deep in thought about the adults who were out in the forest, and what might happening to them. Max sat on the coach...
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posted by cruella
The পরবর্তি day, when the group left on the nature hike, there was some tension between the adults and children. The adults were unhappy about being wakened two nights in a row, because of an imaginary ghost. And the girls were upset that the grown-ups still wouldn’t believe the ghosts were real.

After hiking a few miles they stopped for lunch. Once they had finished eating Judy Quackmore stood up and said, “Now girls it’s time for the scavenger’s hunt. Here are the lists of items in nature আপনি need to find.” She handed each girl a piece of paper.

As soon as they got their lists the girls...
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I've been making character countdown মতামত dedicated to each ডিজনি movie, this is the countdown info for "Beauty and the Beast"

9. Lefou

8. Maurice

7. Chip

6. Gaston

5. Lumiere

4. Cogsworth

3. Mrs. Potts

2. The Beast/Prince Adam

1. Belle

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    The two women and children ran frantically through the forest. They did not have a clue where they were going; all they cared about was getting to safety. They ran deeper and deeper into the woods never bothering to looked back to see if the শিকারী কুকুর Boys were still behind them.

    As they made their escape into the forest something occurred to Max, “Hey, ya know something about those ghost costumes looks really familiar.”

    “Familiar? How?” Huey asked.

    “I mean they look a lot like the ghosts from,...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Lovely Poster.
Lovely Poster.
Hi guys, I'm going to write a review about the 2012 remake of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.

The Story

Based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but it set in modern timing. I প্রণয় how this time, they focus on cute little dog! Victor Frankenstein becomes a little boy living with his parents, which make it আরো of parental প্রণয় in the entire film.
The film also makes reference with other horror film, in particularly Dracula. Like অগ্রদূত Helsing became the surname of Elsa অগ্রদূত Helsing, nope not the namesake কুইন Elsa from Frozen!

My Favourite Characters

It would be Victor, Elsa and the dog, especially the...
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I am planning on hosting a ফ্যানপপ ডিজনি Award Show. No, it won't be staged, yes, it may not mean anything, but I think it would be a fun thing to do. But it will only work if I can get as many people involved as possible.

I will post a প্রশ্ন that will be labeled "Disney Awards Noineess". The প্রশ্ন বিবরণ will have this তালিকা of awards:

Strongest Female Lead
Strongest Male Lead
Best Older Sibling
Best Younger Sibling
Best Heroine Dress
Best Classic Era Character
Best Renissance Era Character
Best Modern Era Character
Best Character Theme song
Most Malicious Villain
Favorite Female Villain...
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This is the part 2 of ডিজনি Vs Disney, But this time is Alice In Wonderland Vs Peter Pan.

*Best Protagonist: Alice (Alice In Wonderland), Because She is আরো Kind-Hearted, Polite and Mature than Peter Pan.

*Best Antagonist: Captain James Hook (Peter Pan), Because He is Hilarious, Suave, Charismatic and He has a very Good Reason to get revenge on this Arch-Nemesis than The কুইন Of Hearts.

*Best Location: Neverland (Peter Pan), Because it is a beautiful Tropical Island, and it is better than the crazy Cloudcuckooland called Wonderland.

*Best Song: The Unbirthday Song (Alice In Wonderland)

*Best Story: Peter Pan
posted by Windrises
Princess Anna and কুইন Elsa traveled to a far away kingdom called Ghibli. Since Elsa's trade business with Weselton didn't work out so well Elsa was trying to make trade business with a different kingdom. Elsa ব্যক্ত "Try to be on your best behavior Anna."

Anna ব্যক্ত "I'll try, but no promises."

Anna and Elsa went to the kingdom. Elsa ব্যক্ত "There's the king."

Anna ব্যক্ত "He's got a silly looking beard."

The King of Ghibli ব্যক্ত "Can I help you?"

Elsa ব্যক্ত "I'm কুইন Elsa of Arendelle and this is my sister, Princess Anna. I was hoping your kingdom can be our new trading partner."

The King ব্যক্ত "I...
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If there's one cartoon from the 21st century I truly believe deserved আরো attention during its initial run, it's Dave the Barbarian. The প্রদর্শনী had a considerable amount of wit and quite a bit of creativity that had been missing from a lot of কার্টুন during that time. Combined with the fact that all of the characters were dumb, the jokes worked even better. Anyway, too pay tribute to this series (which I actually might consider purchasing if it was on DVD) I am going to count down my শীর্ষ 10 পছন্দ episodes.

10) Web- I'm going to be honest and say that back in the day, I'm one of the few fans...
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Anyone who knows me really well probably expected me to make a তালিকা like this at some point, so here it is. The reason I never made this until now is because there are so many songs littered throughout the ডিজনি universe that it's really hard to choose 15 that I consider the best. Narrowing it down to one per film made things easier, I guess, but it was still hard. Well, after careful consideration and planning, I have finally come up with my 15 পছন্দ ডিজনি songs of all time. I can almost guarantee আপনি will not agree with every choice on this list, so if আপনি see one আপনি don't think belongs...
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ডিজনি চলচ্চিত্র are usually made for families, designed to be enjoyable in every age. The shows they produce – not so much. Now I’m sure each of us has shows he saw as a child and he will always remember fondly, no matter what. And each of us has shows he sees as an adult an immediately ask himself “what were I thinking? This is stupid”. What I’m trying to do is to তালিকা not the shows I’m the most nostalgic about, but the ones which I believe are watchable, even if আপনি see the first episode as an adult.
Speaking of stupidity: The reason I stuck to animated shows is because I never...
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 #5 প্রথমপাতা on the Range
#5 Home on the Range
Usually, I like most ডিজনি films, but I made my least favourite ডিজনি films list. I know some of আপনি like any of these ডিজনি films, but they're worse in my opinion. But I'm a big ডিজনি অনুরাগী more.

#5 প্রথমপাতা On The Range-This অ্যানিমেশন is weak and terrible. Yuck! As আপনি know, I hate this film. All the characters are boring. It's so annoying. The movements are worse.

#4 Aladdin-I thought this film was gonna be vintage and as good as The Return of Jafar, but it's not. The worst quote from Jafar is, "You cannot just parade in here uninvited!" Poor Aladdin. He's so happy to meet Jafar but Jafar isn't...
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 ডিজনি is planning to make four টিংকারবেল movies.
Disney is planning to make four Tinkerbell movies.
আপনি may have heard of the new টিংকারবেল movie coming out, but did আপনি know that ডিজনি is planing to make four টিংকারবেল movies? The first one will come out on DVD October 28th, 2008.
Summary: A new fairy, টিংকারবেল arrives, and finds out her talent is pots-and-pans, but thinks her talent isn't specail.

Tinkerbell, North of Never Land:
Based on the ডিজনি Faries book. When Tink's Best Friend, Terence, Squashes Tink's পছন্দ bowl, the first thing she ever fixed, her anger flares up, and she yells at him, saying he's always in her way. Tink realizes she was too harsh, and sets out on a quest to find the perfect gift for her friend.

Tinkerbell: a mid summer storm.
টিংকারবেল must team up with a rival fairy to save NeverLand.

Tinkerbell: a winter story: I have no info about this one yet.
 Tink as she appears in the new টিংকারবেল movie.
Tink as she appears in the new Tinkerbell movie.
I really couldn't narrow down a শীর্ষ 20 অথবা 30 অথবা even 10, so here's my শীর্ষ 5.

 Like fire, hellfire, this আগুন in my skin. This burning desire is turning me to SIN!
Like fire, hellfire, this আগুন in my skin. This burning desire is turning me to SIN!

5."Hellfire" (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Holy catchphrase Batman, is this an evil song! I've never seen a ডিজনি song dive this far into the realm of PG ratings. This is a song about lust for a hot chick that Frollo (the most evil ডিজনি villain) met about 5 মিনিট ago, who stiffens his ট্রাউজার wand and automatically makes him feel like he's filled with sin. This is an AMAZING villain song because he's not just like "I'm going...
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 A cute movie that focuses on an all American girl who learns who she really is(8/10)
A cute movie that focuses on an all American girl who learns who she really is(8/10)
Here is some চলচ্চিত্র that are from ডিজনি that are live action.

#1 The Parent Trap

This remake of the 1960’s version is 100% better as it is a sweet charming tale about two girls(played দ্বারা Lindsay Lohan who was a lot better here than now) who meet at camp and they turn out to be identical twins so one of them goes as the other and the other goes as the other girl and they meet their parents who are divorced from one another and they try and bring them back together again. Also starring in this movie was the late Natasha Richardson and of course Dennis Quaid. I like the story of how the same...
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Ratigan: Oh, I প্রণয় it when I'm nasty. Fidget?
[Fidget snores]
Ratigan: FIDGET!
[Fidget wakes up, falling to the ground]
Ratigan: Bright and alert as always. Here's the list. আপনি know what to do and no mistakes!
Fidget: No-no-no mistakes. Tools, gears, girl, uniforms...
Fidget: NOW, FIDGET!
Fidget: I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!
[Fidget scurries off]

Henchmen: [singing] Oh Ratigan, oh Ratigan / You're tops, and that's that / To Ratigan, to Ratigan...
Bartholomew: To Ratigan, the world's greatest rat! Hic!
[Ratigan does spit take; the henchmen turn in terror]
Ratigan: What was that?
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Chapter 16- ভোজনকারী For Forgiveness

    Lady, Tramp, Pongo, and Perdita approached the শীর্ষ of the hill, and then, Tramp stated, “Come on… follow me.”
    “Do আপনি see them on your side?” Pongo asked Perdita, who shook her head as they crossed a bridge over a peaceful river.
    “They couldn’t have gotten that far away, could they?” Lady asked nervously.
    “I don’t know Lady, I don’t know,” Pongo answered.
    “Nah, of course not!” Tramp stated as they turned a corner on...
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