I know this is late. I wanted to post this the দিন the trailer came out, but my birthday was on Saturday so I was busy all weekend. And I've been busy with school finals this week. Now it's Friday so I can finally do this thing!

On to the Review!

*Slight disclaimer, I have read the trilogy, but I have not seen the first movie. So excuse me if some of my মতামত are irrelevant. Also this will be full of sassiness and sarcasm haha so don't take everything I write too seriously ;)*

Trailer Time: 0:02

THE BOX. What the frick frack diddly dack is this? So this really confused me and angered me...this could completely turn the plot upside down. Which could be a good thing...but could also be a bad thing.


"We found it, the future our people deserve". Was this some sort of ancient box that was created when the factions were অথবা something? It makes it seem like Jeannine has good intentions with hunting down divergents.


"She's testing divergents, to find the one who can open it." The irritating thing about this box is the fact that Jeannine is hunting down divergents to open the box. Rather than in the বই when she was hunting them down because they could ruin the faction system. (So far I prefer the one from the books). What if this changed the whole idea of Tris turning herself in to stop Jeannine's attacks and save everyone? Clearly Tris is the only divergent that can open this box. This gives the movie the whole "chosen one" "savior" vibe...which seems super cliche to me. But that may not actually be the case.


Eric's back, get excited.


Caleb's got some pretty nice suspenders, if I do say so myself. Also the way he's running is hilarious.


I spazed so hard at this part. THERE'S URIAH. (I'm a Uriah fangirl, in case আপনি can't tell :P)


Didn't happen in the book, but it looks freaking awesome.


The. Fact. tion. less. I also spazed at this part, I’m sooooo excited to see the factionless, I loved the whole vibe of them in the book and this actually looks quite a lot like how I imagined it, so that’s nice.


Amity don't wear green, what's up with this? The three of them look like a বড়দিন বৃক্ষ haha


Is this Evelyn?...no that can’t be right, she looks too young. Wait, where’s Edward? He's gonna be in this movie, right? I loved how he was Evelyn's little goon in the book xD


Christina, Tori, Uriah, Lynn (I’m not a অনুরাগী of her hair. At. All), Hector, Marlene.


This is like my sixth time watching this trailer and I just noticed this clip. Tris, Tobias, Uriah, Lynn, and Christina. Still hate Lynn’s hair >.<


Exsqueeze me, why is Tris using a gun? Isn’t she kinda traumatized and stuff?


Is this the part with Fernando?


Tris and Uriah, possibly reminiscing about initiation…maybe?


This stupid part from the teaser lol. This is definitely a dream অথবা simulation cause of the crows ravens.


Ohhhh look at Eric with his short hair and not-pierced-enough face.


Somebody’s ‘bout to get shot.


Is this when she surrenders to Erudite?? If so that's nothing like how it was described অথবা how I imagined it.


This isn’t how I imagined Amity, but I প্রণয় it.


Marcus *growls* and Johanna Reyes (where’s her scar?) Once again, loving the look of Amity.


Jack Kang. Also not how I imagined him, nor how he was described, but I really appreciate their effort with adding diversity! If anyone here watches Arrow, I imagined him looking kinda like Ivo (Dylan Neal)


This is clearly Merciless Mart because I can see the scales in the upper right corner, and considering that Christina looks so happy to see Tris, it makes me assume that Christina doesn’t know about Will’s death and Tris will have to tell her face to face. I would actually like it if that's how they do it in the movie.


I’m not a অনুরাগী of Peter’s uniform (or whatever it is). It looks very odd and Renascence-y.


See, it looks...like he should be a part of তারকা Trek অথবা something. Also why is he holding a gun like that? Who holds a gun like that?


Spoilers!!! Huge, freaking spoilers, why would they put this clip in here?


What even is this?!? In the book she was tested on a normal টেবিল not দ্বারা some weird wires. What is this? I feel like they’re trying to make these too futuristicy. That really bothers me…All of Erudite that they've shown looks super weird.


I don’t understand this whole shattered glass theme…


In conclusion, I think I'm as equally excited as I am nervous and confused, though I am also slightly angry দ্বারা the changes they've made. I think I will go see this in theaters because I REALLY want to see certain scenes portrayed before me very eyes. But I highly doubt it will be anything near as good as the book was. Although since they're changing some of the plot of Insurgent maybe they'll take out some of the convoluted-ness of Allegiant. That would be nice.

Hope আপনি enjoyed my little review, I know it was long haha.