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1) Fetch it yourself jerkwad! আপনি threw it, why should I have to go and get it?
2) Fetch this!
3) (after licking himself) "ha ha! আপনি only wish আপনি could do that!"
4) "That whole, 'Blame your farts on me,' thing is SO not funny."
5) Bacon, Bacon, I smell Bacon, Only one thing smells like বেকন and it's BACON!
6) One of these days... I'll catch that $%#& Squirel
7) Who's the b*tch now?
8) What is the air-speed velocity of an unlden swallow?
9) Hey, zipperhead, clean my water dish and I won't drink from the toilet.
10) Why dont আপনি fetch your own newspaper!?
11) Dude, that Evil Lawn Gnome is creeping...
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The colar of the Golden Retriever's কোট has made it one of the most জনপ্রিয় breeds. This breed is responsive to training and needs plenty of exercise. This dog can make a great family companion. This breed was most likely bred from crossings of a yellow Flat-coated Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel, with other breeds such as the Irish Setter, Labrador, and Bloodhound introduced later. Until the 1920s the breed was called the Golden Flat-coat. Other names for the Golden Retriever are the Yellow Retriever and the Russian Retriever.
 My dog, Fetch. (Isn't he cute?)
My dog, Fetch. (Isn't he cute?)
This is a poem I wrote for my dog when I was twelve years old. He's a dumb but adorable black lab named Fetch (even though he DOESN'T fetch) and he used to get into all sorts of trouble. It took my mom four years to finally get to like him. He's 8 years old now...and still as puppyish as ever!

You shed black hair
But I don't care.
আপনি run away
But that's okay.
You're a dull-headed kind
But I don't mind -
'Cause you're my dog.

আপনি beg at the table
Whenever you're able.
আপনি track mud on the floor
Then আপনি track in some more.
Oh the mischief আপনি do!
But I still প্রণয় আপনি -
'Cause you're my dog.
posted by NCISGIBBS
A few years back, some dedicated Animal Cops came upon a disturbing neglect case that took place in Texas. An animal owner tied their three সারমেয় to a fence where they could not reach খাবার অথবা water. When the Animal নায়ক came to the house, they found the three সারমেয় tied up to the fence দ্বারা a chain leash and were extremely emaciated. All of the সারমেয় were puppies. They put 2 of the সারমেয় in the car with খাবার and water, but, sadly, as they came upon the third dog, they realized, help came to late for him. He had died because his owner kept the সারমেয় outside in 108 degrees weather. They took the other...
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Recently I wrote a book about a dog. It is the life story of a stray dog, the struggles she faces, and her hopes for survival that keep her going. She is an American Eskimo Dog named Dolly who is born in the forest. She grows up learning the ways of the forest and how to survive, but when she sees a human house nearby, she gets curious and visits it. She was always told before she left the শস্যাগার to stay away from the houses, but Dolly did not think they were bad. Dolly does not think it is bad until she is taken to a vet clinic.
হারিয়ে গেছে in this new world, she is confused and she just wants to...
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posted by keninv
George is in the গিনেস Book of World Records for a reason. This Great Dane is the largest dog in the world.

He made it into the book because he is over 7 ft tall and weighs 245 pounds. He is the 'Greatest Dane' around!Just think about how much George eats per day! His owner, David Nasser, has to feed him about 110 lbs. of chow each month.

Can আপনি imagine what a stir he causes when David takes George for a walk in the neighborhood? One thing is fore sure, none of the other সারমেয় are sure to mess with him. When আপনি are a dog as big as Giant George, other pups প্রদর্শনী some respect!
posted by NCISGIBBS
A few years ago, I had a sweet, small dog named Heidi. She was a corgi/border স্কটল্যাণ্ডের লোমশ কুকুর mix. She looked like a border স্কটল্যাণ্ডের লোমশ কুকুর but was the size of a corgi. Unfortunately, she died. She lived a very, very long life though. Sadly, most of her life, she was miserable, until she came to my family. Before she came to us, she went to 3 families, all of which beat her up which made her blind. When she came to our house, my parents were just fostering her. আপনি could tell how they hurt her because she was always afraid of brooms and scooters. That could just have been because she was blind, but it could...
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posted by laura1233214
There are plenty of stories of সারমেয় who stood vigil for dead masters for years afterward. Among the most well-known loyal সারমেয় were Hachiko, from Japan, and Greyfriars Bobby, from Scotland. Hachiko and Greyfriars Bobby have had numerous বই and even films made about them. But the loyal dog who was most famous during his own lifetime is probably the least well-known. Fido was born in Italy sometime during World War II. He was found on the verge of death দ্বারা a kiln worker who took him প্রথমপাতা and nursed him back to health. And for this, he’d have Fido’s unwavering loyalty for the rest of his...
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posted by 220340
people are so mean to dogs. lots of people kill সারমেয় for meat. that is so cruel. people give সারমেয় so little of খাবার and not alot of মহাকাশ for them to run. people hang সারমেয় till they are dead. that is mean! i প্রণয় সারমেয় and other people প্রণয় then too! what do people think they are when they kill dogs!?! it is just so mean and cruel! who knows how many সারমেয় people kill each day, mouths, and years! people should never never never kill a dog! it is just so mean and cruel! it should be a law that NO ONE can change! it should be PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER KILL ANY ANIAMAL! CATS, DOGS, FISH, WE SHAW NEVER KILL THEM! and if someone kills any aniamal, they should get arrested! i hate to see সারমেয় die, অথবা any animal die. it is sad, mean, and cruel to kill dogs! people should stop it right away! also people make them aggressive before thay kill them! SO MEAN!
 cute and furry never kill them
cute and furry never kill them
posted by nikaitla
আপনি will need

* চিনাবাদাম butter
* savoury dog treats
* hard cheese (i.e cheddar)
* yoghurt
* আপেল of কলা অথবা carrots
* home-made chicken stock

what to do

when আপনি have to leave him/her প্রথমপাতা alone,keep your dog harmlessly entertained (and out of dustbin) দ্বারা filling a hollow rubber toy with some treats. try some of these.....

1. layer the toy with চিনাবাদাম মাখন and a small savoury dog treats and freeze overnight.

2. plug the small hole with a peice of hard cheese , then fill the rubber kong with plain yoghurt and small chunks of আপেল and কলা অথবা carrot . freeze overnight.

3. plug the small hole with a peice of hard cheese , then stand at the kong in a cup অথবা bowl and fill with home-made chicken stock and freeze overnight - this makes a low caloie ice lolly!

these fillings can be used in empty marrow অস্থি too.
My friend got a new কুকুরছানা dog over the weekend. It was a little Malamute too! He was only young and excited. And within a week they had already got rid of him! Why? Just because he had bit her on the toe! It was only a little scratch and it didn't bleed. I thought they'd keep him cause they've already got like, 5 dogs! But no! They got rid of him. Seriously?! They've also got about 20 lizards and snakes. They've never put one of their snakes down just because it bit them! I just hope the little কুকুরছানা is OK and they haven't put him to sleep...
সারমেয় are abused every single day, why আপনি may ask? Because most dog owners are evil adults who think they can get a dog to do whatever they want the dog to do. Well, i'm here to say that that we need to stop dog bullying! সারমেয় get abused over 71%! Don't আপনি think that this is wrong? because i do. সারমেয় are not slaves, they are like us, free to do whatever they want (except going potty in the house of course) So we need to stop being mean to our beloved জন্তু জানোয়ার and treat them like friends. In our store called dog ......., some of the সারমেয় are actually scared with the humans becuase they think they are going to get hit like the পূর্ববর্তি owner, but with our kind and loving employees they know that they will get loved and they become happy. we need to start filling this word with Happy dogs!!! give a big thumbs up and leave a মতামত below if আপনি agree with this article!

(if আপনি have a different option than go ahead and share it with us! i প্রণয় hearing other's options in stories.)
posted by jacob4ever57
Hi am a big dog lover and i can't stand it when i see an abused animal!!
it is sooooooooooo sad!! How can people hurt pour little জন্তু জানোয়ার when they haven't done anything to hurt us and all they want is love???
some people make me very ANGRY! My family adopted a dog and he was abandoned on the streets দ্বারা the people before us and he got hit দ্বারা a car!! he is 14 years old and i প্রণয় him very much. I wish people would grow up too because i watch animal cops and some teenagers set a dog ON আগুন because they thought it was FUNNY!! HOW CAN ANYONE BE SO CRUEL???!!! I hate people like that and they need...
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posted by yoki96
Hachikō (born November 10, 1923–March 8, 1935), known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公?, "faithful dog Hachikō" ('hachi' meaning 'eight', a number referring to the dog's birth order in the litter, and 'kō,' meaning prince অথবা duke)), was an Akita dog born on a farm near the city of Ōdate, Akita Prefecture, remembered for his loyalty to his owner, even many years after his owner's death.

In 1924, Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় of Tokyo took in Hachikō as a pet. During his owner's life Hachikō greeted him at the end of the day...
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posted by laura1233214
In 1966, the World Cup was being held in England which, to the English, was kind of a big deal. Maybe the reason they were taking it so seriously was because they had a feeling they might win—which they did—so আপনি can imagine how bummed they were when the World Cup was stolen just four months before the matches started. There was a frenzy to find the cup and avoid international embarrassment, and it was eventually found দ্বারা a plucky স্কটল্যাণ্ডের লোমশ কুকুর named Pickles. Pickles was being walked দ্বারা his owner when he sniffed something out in the bushes—what Pickles had found was the missing World Cup.In...
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Make sure that the কুকুরছানা আপনি are getting is right for you. Does its কোট suit your climate? Is it small enough to live in your apartment? Do its energy levels suit the amount of exercise it will get? These are all important প্রশ্ন to answer to ensure the well-being of your কুকুরছানা and the সামগ্রিক happiness of your household.

Puppy-proof your house. কুকুরছানা প্রণয় to explore with their mouths, so to keep your কুকুরছানা and your house safe, you'll need to take a few precautions. Remove breakable items from the area where আপনি plan to keep your puppy. Keep all electrical cords raised অথবা covered and...
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posted by yoki96
 This statue of Bobby sits at the corner of Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge, and is a Category A listed building
This statue of Bobby sits at the corner of Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge, and is a Category A listed building
Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye ক্ষুদ্রকায় কুকুর who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh after reportedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray, until he died himself on 14 January 1872. A বছর later, Lady Burdett-Coutts had a statue and ফোয়ারা erected at the southern end of the George IV Bridge to commemorate him.
Several বই and films have been based on Bobby's life, including the novel Greyfriar's Bobby (1912) দ্বারা Eleanor Atkinson and the films Greyfriars Bobby (1961) and The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby (2006).

The story

Bobby belonged to John Gray, who worked for the Edinburgh...
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posted by dogtoyco
Old English Sheepdogs are really great dogs. There are several things আপনি need to consider when আপনি have an Old English Sheepdog. Most Old English Sheepdogs are friendly, পালঙ্ক potatoes. আপনি will also find they have the herding instincts of most sheepdogs. While they are very protective of family and territory আপনি will not find them the best watchdog because they tend to be আরো affectionate. It may not seem like this dog is very active, however they do require quite a bit of exercise and are full of life.

First আপনি should realize that an Old English sheepdog requires both physical and mental...
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posted by EdwardCullin1
 lil charlie and his look হাঁস toy
lil charlie and his look duck toy
i প্রণয় dogs!! but my পছন্দ dog would be MY Choclate Lab his name is charlie! He is the BEST DOG ON THE PLANET! We got him when he was just A COUPLE MONTHS HE WAS A little puppy! <3
when we took him প্রথমপাতা he was A
little Rascal! He would chew up EVERYTHING,but we got hime in obedience School but he grew out of chewing up everything anyway. i remeber One দিন i was sitting down right দ্বারা charlie and i kept picking up his paw into my hand and shaking it then llet go and picked his paw again did it over and over again then suddenly he picked up his paw and put his paw into my hand an iwas so proud i TAught HIM HOW TO SHAKE!! :) such a good memory,i miss him alot, he was a little squirt for sure. everytime i would open the DOOR he would try to run out the door!! but yeah!! i miss him, we had to সরানো and give him away to a friend :( but if i could get him back i would!
 My little dog charlie
My little dog charlie