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 ...looking for Sierra
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'...looking for Sierra' - দেওয়ালপত্র created দ্বারা TheCountess features Enver Gjokaj as Victor from the TV series 'Dollhouse'
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enver gjokaj
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Fanpup says...

This Dollhouse দেওয়ালপত্র might contain প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and চতুর.

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There are very few chances where আপনি get to take a child away from a loving mother's arms, without leaving with a few scratches and scars along the way.

Dollhouse used the value of motherhood and parenthood on a different level that actually had me marveled at the sight of Echo willing and able to breastfeed a child she didn't even carry herself. What I found most fascinating was the fact that she truly believed she was a mother at heart.

The writers outdid themselves this time with a moving theme in 'Instinct'. Eliza Dushku was able to capture the true emotions of what it would feel like to...
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Echo is implanted with several personalities, Alpha is still on the run without Echo. Dr.Saunders has joined the lengthy Doll list...

Some believe that we're right back where we've started, but we've learnt আরো than the pilot had to offer.

**We could finally put a face to Alpha.

**Mellie a.k.a November, Victor, Dr. Saunders were revealed to be dolls.

**We now understand Alpha's obsession with Echo and why she survived the slaying.

**Mellie was the first doll actually relieved from her contract (that we've seen).

**Victor and Adelle have a little thing going on, so there is a soft side to her
tough shell.

**...and well, anyone could be a doll.

What about you?

Did this feel like a finale episode for you?

Do আপনি want Dollhouse to end?

How much do আপনি like Alpha now?

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epitaph one
epitaph two
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Don't worry, no actual porn! Just the references to porn in the episode Man On The রাস্তা
man on the রাস্তা
season 1
joel mynor
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এলিজা ডুস্কু
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As I have been watching the প্রদর্শনী link on link I can’t help but be reminded of the প্রদর্শনী from the 90s called link. While the premises of the shows appear totally different, when আপনি take closer look at the shows আপনি will seem that there are many similarities. These similarities lead me to believe that Jared, from link, is the first Doll.

On link people sign their lives over to the Rossom Corporation for a specific amount of time, during which they have their memories and personalities removed. These people, called Actives অথবা Dolls, are kept in a utopian society where everything is taken...
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