This was no time for play.
This was no time for fun.
This was no time for games.
There was work to be done.

All that deep,
Deep, deep snow,
All that snow had to go.
When our mother went
Down to the town for the day,
She said, "Somebody has to
Clean all this away.
Somebody, SOMEBODY
Has to, আপনি see."
Then she picked out two Somebodies.
Sally and me.

There we were.
We were working like that
And then who should come up
"Oh-oh!" Sally said.
"Don't আপনি talk to that cat.
That cat is a bad one,
That Cat in the Hat.
He plays lots of bad tricks.
Don't আপনি let him come near.
আপনি know what he did
The last time he was here."

"Play tricks?" laughed the cat.
"Oh, my my! No, no, no!
I just want to go in
To get out of the snow.
Keep your mind on your work.
আপনি just stay there, আপনি two.
I will go in the house
And find something to do."
Then that cat went right in!
He was up to no good!
So I ran in after
As fast as I could!

Do আপনি know where I found him?
আপনি know where he was?
He was eating a cake in the tub!
Yes he was!
The hot water was on
And the cold water, too.
And I ব্যক্ত to the cat,
"What a bad thing to do!"
"But I like to eat cake
In a tub," laughed the cat.
"You should try it some time,"
Laughed the cat as he sat.

And then I got mad.
This was no time for fun.
I said, "Cat! আপনি get out!
There was work to be done.
I have no time for tricks.
I must go back and dig.
I can't have আপনি in here
Eating cake like a pig!
আপনি get out of this house!
We don't want আপনি about!"
Then I shut off the water
And let it run out.

The water ran out.
And then I SAW THE RING!
A ring in the tub!
And, oh boy! What a thing!
A big long পরাকাষ্ঠা cat ring!
It looked like পরাকাষ্ঠা ink!
And I said, "Will this ever
Come off? I don't think!"

"Have no fear of that ring,"
Laughed the Cat in the Hat.
"Why, I can take cat rings
Off tubs. Just like that!"
Do আপনি know how he did it?
Now the tub was all clean,
But her dress was a mess!

Then Sally looked in.
Sally saw the dress, too!
And Sally and I
Did not know what to do.
We should work in the snow.
But that dress! What a spot!
"It may never come off!"
Sally said. "It may not!"

But the cat laughed, "Ho! Ho!
I can make the spot go.
The way I take spots off a dress
Is just so!"
"See here!" laughed the cat.
"It is not hard at all.
The thing that takes spots
Off a dress is a wall!"
Then we saw the cat wipe
The spot off the dress.
Now the dress was all clean.
But the wall! What a mess!

"Oh, দেওয়াল spots!" he laughed.
"Let me tell আপনি some news.
To take spots off a wall.
All I need is two shoes!"
Whose shows did he use?
I looked and saw whose!
And I ব্যক্ত to the cat,
"This is very bad news.
Now the spot is all over

"But your dad will not
Know about that,"
ব্যক্ত the cat.
"He will never find out,"
Laughed the Cat in the Hat.
"His $10 shoes will have
No spots at all.
I will rub them right off
On this rug in the hall."
"But now we have rug spots!"
I yelled. "What a day!
Rug spots! What next?
Can আপনি take THEM away?"

"Don't ask me," he laughed.
"Why, আপনি know that I can!"
Then he picked up the rug
And away the cat ran.
"I can clean up these rug spots
Before আপনি count three!
No spots are too hard
for a Hat Cat like me!"

He ran into Dad's bedroom
And then the cat said,
"It is good that your dad
Has the right kind of bed."
Then he shook the rug!
Now the বিছানা had the spot!
And all I could say was,
"Now what, Cat?
NOW what?"

But the cat just stood still.
He just looked at the bed.
"This is NOT the right
kind of a bed,"
The cat said.
"To take spots off THIS bed
Will be hard," ব্যক্ত the cat.
"I can't do it alone,"
ব্যক্ত the Cat in the Hat.

"It is good I have some one
to help me," he said.
"Right here in my hat
On the শীর্ষ of my head!
It is good that I have him
Here with me today.
He helps me a lot.
This is Little Cat A."

And then Little Cat A
Took the hat off HIS head.
"It is good I have some one
to help ME," he said.
This is Little Cat B.
And I keep him about,
And when I need help
Then I let him come out."

And then B said,
"I think we need Little Cat C.
That spot is too much
For the A cat and me.
But now, have no fear!
We will clean it away!
The three of us! Little মার্জার B, C and A!"

"Come on! Take it away!"
Yelled Little Cat A.
"I will hit that old spot
With this broom! Do আপনি see?
It comes off the old bed!
It goes on the T.V."
And then Little Cat B
Cleaned up the T.V.
He cleaned it with milk,
Put the spot in a pan!
And then C blew it out
Of the house with a fan!

"But look where it went!"
I said. "Look where it blew!
আপনি blew the mess
Out of the house. That is true.
But now আপনি made Snow Spots!
আপনি can't let THEM stay!"
"Let us think about that now,"
ব্যক্ত C, B, and A.

"With some help, we can do it!"
ব্যক্ত Little Cat C.
Then POP! On his head
We saw Little Cat D!
Then, POP! POP! POP!
Little মার্জার E, F and G!
"We will clean up that snow
If it takes us all day!
If it takes us all night,
We will clean it away!"
ব্যক্ত Little মার্জার G, F, E, D, C, B, A.

They ran out of the house then
And we ran out, too.
And the Big Cat laughed,
"Now আপনি will see something new!
My মার্জার are all clever.
My মার্জার are good shots.
My মার্জার have good guns.
They will kill all those spots!"
But this did not look
Very clever to me
Kill snow spots with pop guns?
That just could not be!

"All this does is make আরো spots!"
We yelled at the cat.
"Your মার্জার are no good.
Put them back in your hat.
Take your Little মার্জার G,
F, E, D, C, B, A.
Put them back in your hat
And আপনি take them away!"
"Oh, no!" ব্যক্ত the cat.
"All they need is আরো help.
Help is all that they need.
So keep still and don't yelp."

Then Little Cat G
Took the hat off his head.
"I have Little Cat H
Here to help us," he said.
"Little মার্জার H, I, J,
K, L, and M.
But our work is so hard
We must have আরো than them.
We need Little Cat N.
We need O. We need P.
We need Little মার্জার Q, R, S, T,
U and V."

"Come on! Kill those spots!
Kill the mess!" yelled the cats.
And they jumped at the snow
With long rakes and red bats.
They put it in pails
And they made high পরাকাষ্ঠা hills!
পরাকাষ্ঠা snow men! পরাকাষ্ঠা snow balls!
And little পরাকাষ্ঠা pills!

Oh, the things that they did!
And they did them so hard,
It was all one big spot now
All over the yard!
But the Big Cat stood there
And he said, "This is good.
This is what they should do
And I knew that they would.
With a little আরো help,
All the work will be done.
They need one আরো cat.
And I know just the one."

"Look close! In my head
I have Little Cat V.
On his head are মার্জার W,
X, Y, and Z."
"Z is too small to see.
So don't try. আপনি can not.
But Z is the cat
Who will clean up that spot!"

"Now here is the Z
আপনি can't see," ব্যক্ত the Cat.
"And I bet আপনি can't guess
What he has in HIS hat!
He has something called VOOM.
Voom is so hard to get,
আপনি never saw anything
Like it, I bet.
"Why, Voom cleans up anything
Clean as can be!"
Then he yelled,
"Take your hat off now,
Little Cat Z!
Take the Voom off your head!
Make it clean up the snow!
Hurry! আপনি Little Cat!
One! Two! Three! GO!"

Then the Voom...
It went VOOM!
And, oh boy! What a VOOM!
Now, don't ask me what Voom is.
I never will know.
But, boy! Let me tell you
It DOES clean up snow!

"So আপনি see!" laughed the Cat,
"Now your snow is all white!
Now your work is all done!
Now your house is all right!
And আপনি know where my little মার্জার are?"
ব্যক্ত the cat.
"That Voom blew my little cats
Back in my hat.
And so, if আপনি ever
Have spots now and then,
I will be very happy
To come here again...

"...with Little মার্জার A, B, C, D..
E, F, G...
H, I, J, K...
L, M, N...
And O, P...
...and Q, R, S, T...
and Cat U and Cat V...
and Little মার্জার W
and Z!"