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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This ডাঙ্কান ও কোর্টনি ছবি contains নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

Yea so I went ahead and deleted the original chapter because they did get married to soon, I need to make this story more, আপনি know, duncan and courtney style, for all আপনি অনুরাগী who wanted dxc to get married, don't worry, the story will get so much better.


Two days after the party, Courtney and Duncan didn't see each other that much, though they were very eager to. Courtney hardly talked to anyone, all she did was stay in her room, figuring out a way to see Duncan again. She also thought to herself about how she had fallen for a Montegue, her প্রণয় sprung from her only hate....
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Hi, guys!!! Well, this is another story that i hope will not be as long as the first one i wrote... I know i havent write in like ages but i hope it wont happen again:D

Courntey´s Pov
I was still sleeping when my cellphone started ringing. I woke up and took the stupid cellphone... It was 2 am and it was saturday!! Who the hell was calling at that hour?!! My anger dissapeared when i saw the number. It was a 911, which ment that was time to get to work as fast as i could.

The sky was dark and so were the streets. The city was still sleeping, and i was so tired... Sometimes i wondered if working...
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posted by DxCfanlover
Courtney: maybe...*smile*
Leshawna:and আপনি are couple since...
Heather: is obvious "star - wannabe" yesterday!
আপনি heard him, didn't you?
Leshawna:WHAT DID আপনি CALLED ME?!
Heather:didn't আপনি want to know?
Izzy: yes! আপনি wanted to know it! can I use the medieval torture for make them talk?
Leshawna:no,no, but what did আপনি both did last night?
Izzy: em...I think they...
She whispered something to Courtney
Courtney: no we didn't!
Duncan: tell me!
Courtney whispered to Duncan
Duncan: but we almost did that! so স্নেহ চুম্বন আপনি all over your body doesn't count?
Leshawna:WTF! আপনি two did...
Heather: yes they did!
Bridgette screamed
That's all c- আপনি পরবর্তি chapter!
I'm still hating school 7.7
posted by crazy-yanu
I like It


We were at a party at a জনপ্রিয় nightclub, which Chris had organized to celebrate the third season called Total Drama World Tour, was a success.

I was surrounded দ্বারা girls who were dying for me, but there was a special eyes could not get, she had used to win the immunity challenge of the সেকেন্ড season, but I also won something else .... My heart.

There was one problem, the geek of her boyfriend, I like everyone knew that he did not deserve her, but she was hopelessly in প্রণয় with him. Not left alone for a moment and knew that if he tried a সরানো would end in the hospital...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:I walked out into the parking lot again to look for the man that made me not speak.I tried to call out,but,out came a loud howl.I tried to speak again but the howl came out again.A nurse ran out of the hospital and up to me."Your mom wanted me to give this to you.I'm so sorry."she said.I took the letter and nodded to her to say thank you.She walked back in the hospital as I opened the letter.

"Dear Courtney,I wish I could've told আপনি this earlier in my life,but,you are werewolf.I know আপনি don't understand this but আপনি will.I don't know if আপনি have already experienced the reactions...
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posted by cb0104
Courtneys P.O.V.

I slowly opened my eyes on Saturday, and sadly this is where i must hide a huge secret from my husband and kids. I have to get out of this house before Duncan, and the kids wake up.

I didnt have time to get dressed so i just ran outside and into my বন্ধু car.

" আপনি know how much lying and i cant keep this up," i complained to my friend as i looked outside my window. " well আপনি cant tell duncan carla and aaron theyll never respect আপনি again," ব্যক্ত my friend making sense. " and i cant give this up! its a big part of my life," i pleaded. with tears slowly falling. " Courtney i know how much its hurt আপনি its hurting me too, but we are strong people and we shouldnt give up what we want. should we?" he said. "no we shouldnt but its practically a sin," i debated. " well its too late we gotta do it now, he said.

" lets go. this is what we want" i ব্যক্ত and me and my friend got out of the car.

to be continued..................
The three boys successfully left the party alive with out causing a fight.

Duncan:*walking far behind DJ and Geoff*Man, I can't just leave, there was too much left unsaid between me and her, man I feel like I'm leaving a part of myself here with that Courtney girl*stops and walks back towards the Capulets' house*

Geoff:Man that was one heck of a party wasn't it Duncan?*looks behind himself to see Duncan gone*Duncan?!


Geoff:Where the heck did he go?

*Capulets' House*

Courtney walks out of her room onto her balcony, in a tank শীর্ষ and shorts. She rests her elbows on the railing. She looks...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
 Courtney;s Eyes
Courtney;s Eyes
Courtney's POV: "Courtney! Come now!"my brother shouted and ran back out the door.I sprinted down the hall after him as everyone else ran to the door to watch.I ran out into the parking lot with my brother as we got in the car and sped away."Where are we going?"I asked."Hospital."he said."Why?"I asked."Mom."he said."What happened?"I asked.Tom started to sob silently."The car came around the curb too fast and hit her."Tom said.I looked out at the road and started to cry."Who done it?"I asked.
Tom wiped away his tears with his sleave and said,"This idiotic guy that should die a thousand deaths."I...
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posted by AngelPrincess10
Courtneys POV

Once we got প্রথমপাতা me and duncan we celebrated all nite.

When we stepped into our প্রথমপাতা he carried me upstairs bridal style and laid me on our bed.

He kisses me with a burst of passion as he tore my dress to shreds as if an animal awoken in him.

"Ohhh duncan, আপনি bad boy." I moan to him and rip off his shirt

He smirks "oh princess"he say as he un hooked her bra , threw it on the floor and began to suck her breast,

I looked down at duncan with lust in his eyes which made me wet "ahh...oh yahh....bite me duncan."...
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posted by AngelPrincess10
In all stars we realized that there was no way that we should be apart cause we are like ying and yang , i bring out the good in him and brings out the bad in me which ke ".......YESSS!" I jump into his arms and চুম্বন him.ps our প্রণয় for eachother strong. all stars season is done me and duncan are back, we decided to সরানো into a mansion together. We go to the mansion Im with duncan and turn to him and ask "wow duncan how did u get the money for this place?""All the money i got from total drama i saved it plus i got a job and save the cash from that too." "Also i want to take আপনি to ডিনার to...
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posted by joyfullness101
So Tom Mcgillis has told us that the reason he wanted to break Duncney and Gwent up was because they wanted to প্রদর্শনী a "realistic portrayal" of couples and that they didn't want any প্রণয় forever couples. And আপনি know নমস্কার they did that, ruining Trent and Courtney's character in season two but that's a different story.

Yet, it is heavy implied that Mike and Zoey will be staying together for All-Stars according to this যন্ত্রপত্র I saw on the wiki : link Tom says they won't be dissapointed which probably means they'll be together.

Since this is probably the case, why did they break Duncan and Courtney...
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[i will continue my really him?! story but I was just dying to do this!!!! please review, there will be dxc, txc and gxt, but not in that order.]

WELCOME TO THIS NEW SEASON OF TOTAL DRAMA নায়ক VS VILLAINS! We've manage to bring everybody's পছন্দ নায়ক and villains from the last two seasons and decided to put them all together on the once toxic, but now unfortunately safe, island of camp wawanakwa. They will compete against...
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Ahh,they're so love/hate.
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2 years later
kevin come here
ywes mommy kevin replied did u hit ur sister
she call me powop head that's still no need vilonce
aww ur dad isent it

lets catch up so Courtney and Duncan are now 18 their twin kids are 2 and a half brigette and Geoff are also 18 now back to reality

yes mommy it wads dawddy he taught him how two fiwwht well mommy has fihting for daddy eww dis goin to be good says the to twins duncan just walked through the door he worked at a tattoo shop
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