Madame Deluca: And what emotion have আপনি chosen to depict?
Effy Stonem: Anger, Jealousy, Bitterness, Tiredness, Hope, Lust, Love.
Madame Deluca: A veritable feast. So where is it?
Effy Stonem: It’s everywhere.
Madame Deluca: My dear girl, I’m not sure I understand.
Effy Stonem: Its conceptual. আপনি just can’t see it.
Madame Deluca: Your saying আপনি haven’t done it?
Effy Stonem: No I’m saying আপনি can't see it.
Effy: They want to get to know me too
Effy: Sometimes I think I was born backwards... আপনি know, come out of my mum the wrong way. I hear words go past me backwards. The people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate...
Freddie: Why can't আপনি help him?
Effy: Beacause...Because I প্রণয় you
Effy: Freddie...You came...Cool.
Effy: HIt me! Just once. i want to feel something.
Freddie: We’d be good together. Don’t আপনি think?
Effy: No.
Freddie: Why?
Effy: Because I’ll break your heart.
Freddie: Maybe I’ll break yours.
Effy: Nobody breaks my হৃদয় and anyway, why would I want that?

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