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I wake up screaming, sweat pouring down my face. Emmett is পরবর্তি to me in a flash and a breeze of cold air. He holds me shhh-ing and rocking me back and forth. I look up at him my eyes filled with tears and fear and he knows. It was the same damn dream I've been haveing for the past 3 mounths now...The Volturi finding out about us, about me. I'm human, Emmett is a vampire and we are desprately in love, which is illeagle in his world. His old mate, Rosalie, hates me for stealing Emmett away from her and swore to take revenge. 3 mounths পূর্বে Alice started seeing visions of Rosalie changeing her...
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posted by blaise_jez
I didn't write this. I found it on fanfction.net, and thought it was funny.

EPOV (Esme)

Flashback (Emmett is 1 and a half years old.)

Emmett buckled up? Check. Car keys? Check. Money for the groceries? Check. Great! I'm ready to go. I pulled out of the driveway and made my way to the grocery store. Emmett was in the car আসন in the back, nibbling on his toy. I smiled. My son is such an angel. Carlisle and I have been trying to get him to say his first sentence for a few days now...but we've had no luck. I pulled into the available parking মহাকাশ and went to the backseat to get Emmett out, making...
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