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Giselle: [singing] How does she know...
Robert: [laughs] No, don't.
Giselle: আপনি প্রণয় her? / How does she know...
Robert: People look-looking.
Giselle: She's yours?
Robert: [interrupting] Don't sing. It's OK, আপনি know. Let's just walk. Can we walk?
Giselle: [speaks] Well, does she?
Robert: Yeah.

Prince Edward: [threatening Robert with his sword] Have আপনি any last words before I dispatch you?
Robert: আপনি have got to be kidding me!
Prince Edward: Strange words!

Giselle: Is that the only word আপনি know? "No?"
Robert: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, No!
Giselle: "No! No! No!" Over and over!...
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 প্রণয় ত্রিভুজ
Love Triangle
Hi guys, although I had never seen Kate & Leopold. Upon seeing the trailer, I notice a number of similarities with Disney's 2007 film Enchanted!

1. Magical Teleportation

Okay, so both Giselle and Prince Edward are magically teleport to the 21st Century world. The same with Leopold, he is teleport to the 21st Century from 1876.

2. Mannerisms

Giselle and Prince Edward especially reminds me of Leopold, mainly because they do not know the surroundings in the 21st Century especially, Edward is comical while Leopold is serious.

3. The Ballroom Scene

This scene plays a dominant role in both films,...
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 Giselle with her statue of Robert.
Giselle with her statue of Robert.
Ok a lot of people hate this film as they think its stupid and unoriginal but lets not forget this is just a homage movie to when ডিজনি was great and it didn’t have Hannah Montana, Camp Rock II etc. What I liked about this film to be honest was that we see an annoying wannabe princess who meets a guy who turns out to be her real true প্রণয় in the end of the film and she shows him আরো to life as he is cold-blooded and boring. Of course আপনি know the rest of the story but COME ON it a friggin movie that tells the audiences that প্রণয় can exist in the reality & fictional world.

The only 4...
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posted by LisaForde
Robert really wasn't trying to avoid answering Giselle's প্রশ্ন he was really just hungry, really. This is what he kept telling himself as he and Giselle walked the few blocks to Ray's ডিনার and Deli. The walk over had been very uncomfortable for Robert she just kept looking at him in a way that seemed to say that she was still expecting him to answer all of her inquiries. He was glad when they finally made it inside and began talking about খাবার instead. Giselle didn't know what to order so she allowed Robert to order for her, he got them both a pastrami with Swiss on the house রুটি with...
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 Massive Error; Where did Robert's right sleeve went to?
Massive Error; Where did Robert's right sleeve went to?
As much as I প্রণয় this movie the only downside I had to it was that it had A LOT of mistakes. Here is a guide on the mistakes I spotted while watching this movie. Enjoy and rate please.

Thank U

#1 In the animated world Giselle has no earings,but when she's in the real world she has pierced ears.

#2 Continuity: When Giselle opens the window in Robert's apartment, in the exterior shot, to sing for furry cleaning help, there is a set of three windows to her right, with a balcony. Odd thing is, in the interior shots the window she sang from is to the left of the couch, but to the right of the couch...
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 The Happy Working Song has to be the most hilarious part in the movie because Giselle summons her animal বন্ধু to help her tidy Robert’s apartment. It a spoof of Snow White’s whistle while আপনি work.
The Happy Working Song has to be the most hilarious part in the movie because Giselle summons her animal friends to help her tidy Robert’s apartment. It a spoof of Snow White’s whistle while you work.
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posted by LisaForde
 Mr Dempsey as Robert
Mr Dempsey as Robert
Birth Name
Patrick Galen Dempsey

Horoscope: Capricorn

Dr. McDreamy

5' 10½" (1.79 m)

Mini Biography
Actor Patrick Dempsey has lived two charming but separate lives on film and TV. From an exuberant, somewhat awkward charmer in college comedy films of the late 1980s and early 1990s, he has morphed spectacularly into a dreamy, wavy-haired TV বড় দলা of the new-age millennium and this seductive new image has since spilled off into romantic lead roles back on the large screen as a slightly offbeat, self-effacing Prince Charming type.

Irish-American Patrick Galen Dempsey was born on January...
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Prince Edward: Giselle!
[leaps off a bridge, begins to sing]
Prince Edward: I've been dreaming of a...
[a group of cyclists collide with Prince Edward, everyone collapses]

Prince Edward: [talking to a TV] Magic Mirror. I beg you. Tell me where she is!
Mary Ilene Caselotti: [on TV] Reporting from 116th and Broadway.
Prince Edward: One hundred and sixteenth and Broadway!
[hugs the TV]
Prince Edward: Thank আপনি mirror!
[kisses it and runs off]

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You’re in my arms
And all the world is calm
The সঙ্গীত playing on for only two
So close together
And when I’m with you
So close to feeling alive

A life goes দ্বারা
Romantic dreams must die
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close with waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close

So close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this was not pretend
And now you’re beside me and look how far we’ve come
So far we are so close

How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose আপনি now?
We’re so close
To reaching that famous happy end
And almost believing this was not pretend
Let’s go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far
posted by LisaForde
Giselle's mind was all over the place on the morning of June the fourth; just one বছর and six months to the দিন since she had met Robert; the প্রণয় of her life.

"Giselle! আপনি look pretty!"

Giselle was pulled from her thoughts as she looked at Morgan. She smiled and then looked at her appearance in the mirror. The গাউন, gown she was dressed in was strapless, and as it went down to the waist, the স্কার্ট flowed out a bit. Made out of white satin, her wedding dress was one of the most beautiful creations she had ever laid eyes on.

Morgan had designed the gown. At বড়দিন her father had প্রদত্ত her a sketch...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Please be good Giselle!
Please be good Giselle!
Hi guys, since the sequel will be coming out পরবর্তি বছর under the name as Disenchanted. I read the short summary on IMDb and here are আরো of expectations from the film.

The Story

From what I read, the story is going to have a twist with Giselle coming to considering about her Happy Ever After. I also hope that it doesn't be to much like Frozen, especially on story-wise.

The Characters

I was very happy that Giselle is coming back, and I also hope that Robert and Prince Edward will come back for the sequel too. So is that little girl!

Music & Songs

Alan Menken has gave us 'True Love's Kiss' and 'So Close', I hope that he comes back to do the sequel, it would be great to have him back, unless if they get the Lopez of ফ্রোজেন fame to do it if he is busy with other commitments!

True Love's Kiss

So, these are expectations on the 2018 sequel. What do আপনি think?
 Team Edward অথবা Team Robert?
Team Edward or Team Robert?
 Ahw the স্নেহ চুম্বন scene in TLM how cute.
Ahw the kissing scene in TLM how cute.
Ok so এনচ্যান্টেড may be a mock of most of the ডিজনি princess চলচ্চিত্র so here is a picture reference প্রবন্ধ about what scenes এনচ্যান্টেড mocks the most.Please মতামত and I hope that আপনি will enjoy it as much as I do.

Before I tell আপনি what চলচ্চিত্র it mocks I was surprised to see so many references in this movie. Its so unoriginal and their really isn’t anything new about Enchanted. Sure its my all time favourite film of 2007 but seriously its like a memory lane type movie that brings us back to the দিন ডিজনি was good at their চলচ্চিত্র now its this computer generated shit that is so annoying...
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 Amy Adams was awesome
Amy Adams was awesome
Hi guys me again and im going to do my questionnaire on Enchanted. প্রশ্ন will be shown on শীর্ষ and উত্তর are down below article. Enjoy!!

Q1 Favourite character in the movie and why?

Q2 Favourite couple in this movie and why

Q3 Favourite villain in the movie

Q4Favourite scene and why? (any three অথবা more)

Q5Favourite entrance from any of the characthers

Q6Favourite songs in this film and why?

Q7Funniest moment in the movie?

Q8Favourite ending?

Q9Favourite Giselle & Robert kiss

Q10Romantic moment in the movie and explain why?

Q11Favourite intro from the characters?

Q12 Favourite sidekick?

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 Ella Enchanted? I guess not!
Ella Enchanted? I guess not!
Okay, so I watched this movie 8 years পূর্বে and here are my thoughts about it!

The Story-Line

Initially, I did not like the movie at all because it was like a remake of পূর্ববর্তি ডিজনি films. Especially the 3 classic princess movies, but as time goes by, I felt that the movie is very underrated and needs আরো love.
On the other hand, the ending was a break from ডিজনি tradition. Edward ends up with Nancy and I fancied that after Idina, who played Nancy became my favourite singer! Overall, the movie eerily reminds me of Kate & Leopold for some reasons.

The Characters

Giselle was an underrated...
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posted by LisaForde
Robert Philip is an attorney in New York City.He lives in 112th Riverside with his 6 বছর old daughter Morgan.His wife of 2 years left him for another man.Her name was Donna Philip.Ever since that দিন Robert made a commitment and told his friend Sam that he was done with romance. A few years later he met a fiesty fashion designer named Nancy Tremaine. That night,Robert was getting a taxi to collect his daughter from karate. While they were in the taxi Robert asked মরগান what she thinks of Nancy,as he wanted to tell her that he was going to ask Nancy to marry him.Although মরগান liked Nancy...
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Here it goes;

1.Both the reality/fictional world is kinda the same in reality only its not

2. The main charcther falls for a lawyer who is her real true প্রণয় all along and she's there moaning about Edward.

3. Patrick Demspey OMG ,his so hot without that scruffy look.

4. That আপনি have to take life for what it is e.g the whole প্রণয় thing between Robert & Giselle was so cute and it makes আপনি wish that a guy like Robert would exist.

5. That প্রণয় is magical and sweet if আপনি found the perfect man to share your life with.

6. He fell for a fictional woman ,who is a cartoon transformed into a real-life...
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posted by LisaForde2
This is inspired from ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড with Eugene getting stabbed and he died(well sort of) Enjoy

Robert was rescuing Giselle from an evil warlock named Rufus unaware that Rufus had something planned for Robert he wanted to kill him. As Robert got to the warehouse he spotted Giselle tied up in chains and something was stuffed to her mouth. ‘Robert watch out’Giselle muffled to Robert. ‘Ahhhhhhhh’Robert shrieked and he fell down the ground.’You just couldn’t keep away now can you’Rufus ব্যক্ত who was rather skinny and was speaking in an English accent. ‘Don’t worry Giselle your precious...
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posted by LisaForde
It had been the strangest, most horrible, magical, and wonderful night of his Robert Philip's life and one he would never forget. The awe of it all wasn't even doused দ্বারা the hours of questioning from the NYPD as he tried to explain that he didn't know anything about the 30 foot dragon that had taken him hostage. And really he didn't, he knew about as much as any of the spectators at the ball, of course it took time to convince the police of that. That's why he was just now arriving home, just before 5:30 in the morning. Robert unlocked the door to his apartment, still surprised that after being...
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posted by LisaForde
 Amy Adams as Giselle
Amy Adams as Giselle
Amy Adams was born in Italy on August 20th 1974. Her father worked in the military and was also an amateured actor. There is 6 in her family. Before Adams became an actress she worked in Hooters and The Gap at the age of 18. In 1999 she worked with Kirtie Alley and Kirsten Dunst in Drop Dead Gorgeous. She also appeared in numerous Tv shows like That 70's show, Charmed, Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Other film roles she did were Serving Sara, Talledgha nights, Pumpkin, Cruel Intensions II and Underdog.

In November 2005 she auditioned and won the part of Princess Giselle in Walt Disney's...
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 end of এনচ্যান্টেড
end of enchanted
Ever Ever After...................happily

Storybook endings

Fairytales coming true

Deep down inside we wanna believe they still do

And our secerest heart

Its our favourite part of the story

Lets just admit

We all wanna make it too

Ever Ever After

If we just don't get it are own way

Ever Ever After

It may only be a wish away

Start a new fashion , wear your হৃদয় on your sleeve

Sometimes আপনি reach what's realist দ্বারা making believe

Unafraid, Unashamed

There is joy to be claimed in this world

You even might wind up being glad to be you

Ever ever after
Though the world will tell আপনি its not smart
Ever ever after
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