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posted by mattthelynx
-Team Name:EON INFINITY(Ressurected from the gearsmo family's old team name "Eon 5)
-Team type:Elite Freedom fighters group
-Team leader:Matt the lynx

1.Matt the lynx
2.Spikey the dragon
3.Jazon the lynx
4.Pomu the lynx
5.Stargate the turtle
6.Metoer the hedgehog
7.Shademist the cat
8.RAWKIN WAVE the hawk
9.Rocket the hedgehog
10.Kenley the hedgehog
11.Vivian the hedgehog
12.Rebecca the hedgehog
13.Spikety the dragon
14.Baffle the rabbit-cat
15.Tiki the hedgehog
16.Starsie the globian
17.Meta the lynx
18.Mecha matt

Temparity members:
1.Geno the alien king
2.Tak the fox
3.Rima the hedgehog
4.Kakui the lynx...
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