SME confirms Kris' lawsuit, "We will do our best to resolve this."

In light of Kris's lawsuit filing against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract, the agency now responds and tells TVDaily, "It is true that Kris has filed a termination of exclusive contract and we're looking onto it. We apologize for this embarrassing situation. We will do our best for EXO's activities to do well and resolve this problem."

[Update] - According to several reports, Kris's side has cited that the idol is being treated as if he is an object rather than being respected as an artist. They also mention that SM one-sidedly decided on the schedules, not giving thought to Kris' opinion অথবা his health condition. As they believe that SM is restricting Kris from his basic human right to freedom and his choices career wise, the contract should be nullified.

Kris no longer active in এক্সো activities in the future

With his lawsuit against SM Entertainment being processed, Kris' side reveals that Kris will not be joining his fellow এক্সো members in their promotions and activities in the future.

Recently, EXO-M appeared on Chinese CCTV Global সঙ্গীত program to promote 'Overdose' and even won their 1st trophy, but it seems like that would be his last stage. Furthermore, অনুরাগী could expect that 11 members of এক্সো are going to perform on their first solo সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান on May 23 to 25, excluding Kris.

In the midst of their 'Overdose' promotions, a shocking প্রতিবেদন has spread among এক্সো অনুরাগী today stating that EXO-M member Kris is reported দ্বারা Chinese media to be filing a lawsuit against his agency, SM Entertainment, for contract termination.

এক্সো অনুরাগী on Sina Weibo (Chinese SNS) are talking about it and it spread like আগুন among Korean অনুরাগী and globally. According to the newspaper and media reports, an official from Kris's side said, "I will go with Kris today to file a lawsuit in Seoul Central District Court."

There aren't further details about the news অথবা what the reason is he seeking to terminate his contract but it is rumored that he's having the same case as of that former Super Junior member Hangeng'. Korean media outlets reported that Seoul Central District Court stated that there's no such filing yet.

Furthermore, SM representatives stated, "We aren't aware of it. We are going to check the news."

On the May 15th EXO-K won in the 'M! Countdown' and Suho spoke up about the সাম্প্রতিক developments involving fellow member Kris. He told Osen, "All the members had a conversation. We don't understand Kris' actions at all. Everyone was caught off-guard and have mixed feelings."

Suho continued, "I think Kris' actions are irresponsible and প্রদর্শনী that he's not thinking about এক্সো at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company."

There's also speculation that Suho's মতামত on the 'M! Countdown' stage after EXO's win with "Overdose" are in reference to Kris and his lawsuit. Receiving the trophy, he said, "Thank আপনি for the big award. Thank আপনি to all the people who প্রণয় us. It's Teacher's Day, so I want to thank Lee Soo Man sunsaengnim. We won't forget this blessing. I sincerely প্রণয় the এক্সো members. Our নীতিবাণী is, 'We are one,' and like the নীতিবাণী says we'll become an এক্সো that think about এক্সো and our অনুরাগী instead of just our individual selves. We'll work hard. We are one. EXO, I প্রণয় you."

EXO's Tao recently updated his Instagram and wrote:
"The road is long, and no one can decide where আপনি want to go. The public will always be left in the dark, but it might be that the public will side with who is in the minority. However that's not the truth. Only those who have experienced the truth are able to understand, such as our 11 members and SM employees. To those on the outside, the right and wrong could be reflected oppositely. They probably won't know what it feels like to be betrayed দ্বারা another person and then to have everyone side with the person who has betrayed us. Everyone can have their own perspectives and opinions. However, the truth is pointing to what is right and wrong. We have a clear conscience. We can't stop someone who wants to leave, and he kept this from us. As we were sweating and practicing hard for our concert, we learned that one wouldn't be coming back. We have to restart preparations for the সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান as 11 members. So tired. EXO, let's love."

When he started to see the feedback he was getting on Instagram as well as Weibo with অনুরাগী speculating that someone else had written the message, his Weibo was updated again with a message that stated, "I am এক্সো member Tao. The things ব্যক্ত on Weibo and Instagram are দ্বারা me. I have nothing to hide." He also পোষ্ট হয়েছে messages along the lines about the truth surfacing sooner অথবা later, further leaving অনুরাগী to wonder about the truth of the situation.