What is the deal with the character from Family guy Stewie? Obviously he is a baby. A very intelligent and diabolical baby. This টেলিভিশন program has raised আরো than a few questions, and supplied limited উত্তর not to mention, quite a bit of controversy.

OK, we all saw the episode where Stewie turns a বছর old, so it is not a huge surprise that he speaks (even though he sounds আরো like a thirty বছর old), but why does he have a British accent, when the family lives in Rhode Island, in the United states? Anyone who has heard a Rhode Island accent, অথবা for that matter any New England accent can see just how funny this truly is. Also Brian can understand him, but no one else can? অথবা are they just ignoring the little dictator in the making?

Why is Stewie intent on killing Lois? Why does he really hate her so much? In fact does he really hate her at all? We have probably all seen the episodes that suggest that he does not. In fact, perhaps he is desperately in need of her love. It seems that the story line has suggested this on at least several occasions.

Here is an ironic point. During his lifetime, Ted Kennedy had difficulty getting past airport security. It seems that there was some similarity between his name and some terrorist. Family Guy's Brian on the other hand, who is incidentally, the family dog, has absolutely no difficulty traveling at the airport অথবা just about anywhere else. In fact, Brian is frequently seen traveling alone with Stewie. Why does no one ever stop them? Okay, that's bad enough, but who are these human women did agree to become Brian's girlfriends? After all, he clearly is a dog. In fact, he can occasionally be seen dragging himself across the carpet and peeing on আগুন hydrants...

While on the subject of Brian, do সারমেয় really drink so much? This may explain how he happened to meet Peter downtown, while spit washing his windshield. Perhaps this is why so many সারমেয় find themselves in the shelters looking for homes. Maybe all they really need is a bit of time to dry out, a warm meal, and a job to go to. This all kind of makes স্নুপি look like a reasonable character.

How about poor Meg? Why does everyone hate her so much? Seriously, in real life Peter and Lois would have had their children taken away দ্বারা children's services many times over. That is of course assuming that they would not have already run away. Peter acts as the stripper at Meg's batchelorette party? Eww, if that is not the grossest thing ever, even for a cartoon, yuck!

As much of a buffoon as Family Guy Peter is, people can not help but continuing to root for him. He is sort of the underdog though, so this sort of makes sense. However, Peter is not all bad. After all he did save all of the Quahog bomb survivors দ্বারা finding the Natick Twinkie factory...

It is true, what people say, art indeed does imitate life. Let's just hope not too much in this case. Whether আপনি প্রণয় it, অথবা hate it. আপনি have to admit that family Guy is a very জনপ্রিয় program, not to mention pretty funny... link, giggity.

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