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3 Most Important Traits For Startup Entrepreneurs দ্বারা Blurr CoFounder Daniel Korman
2014 বছর in review
Yeah, I know this is kinda lame, but this is all I could think up! :'(

Just go to an article, (or look the person who আপনি want to message up) and click their name near the top. ফ্যানপপ will প্রদর্শনী আপনি their পরিলেখ page and scroll down until আপনি find the "Message" tab. Click it and ...voila!

Just type your message and send it. If they message আপনি back, your ইনবক্স will tell you! Try it!

Sorry if this was lame! :(

But please remember to


Be a অনুরাগী of this


And subscribe!

Have a great day!!!!!!
2010 বছর in review
2013 বছর in review
2011 বছর in review
I can't help but notice lately that a lot of people have been creating Verified ফ্যানপপ Accounts. At first, I thought it was some kind of program ফ্যানপপ put in order. Then I realized that it's just another way that people are faking 'celebrity accounts.'

But, real অথবা not, it's actually a really cool thing to do to your profile! And it's really easy, so anybody can do it!

- Open your পরিলেখ for editing. In the section where আপনি would usually put your last name, copy অথবা type in: ✔ Verified ফ্যানপপ Account

Congradulations, your officially your actual self^^

Be creative!

Instead of...
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Hello =)

Sit down, shut up and listen to my (pretty much) unnecessary but still quite fun idea #401.
You may laugh afterwards.
But now...Silence and pay attention!

Disclaimer: Yes I admit it, I didn't come up with this idea on my own, I saw something similar years পূর্বে on a german website.

Here we go...
Popcoins are virtual ফ্যানপপ money.
The idea came to my mind when I was thinking about a possibility to change one's username without being able to change it all the time and without having to pay real money.

This is how popcoins would work:
There would be a popcoin symbol right পরবর্তি to where the...
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Expand viewing answerers to ALL fanpoppers,not just from the fanlist.

Being able to সম্পাদনা the ক্যুইজ at all times,and not just the question,but the 4 answers.

Giving আরো creative names for super-quiz milestones,shortening them up a little,and making the current prize visible on the profile.

Giving a time to answer a quiz,people sometimes go on websites to check their answers,it's not fair!

Not making a for number of characters for answers.

Stop deleting ক্যুইজ for the wrong reasons,research it first (I know how many ক্যুইজ get reported everyday,but it's their job,isn't it?)

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This is a quick guide to using the new IM and Chat beta launch.

Rooms Tab:
The global-chat is open to all registered fans.

There is another room that is reserved for users of a certain level, and you'll also see that in the Rooms tab. In the past, we've had a few যেভাবে খুশী people come in and hit on the people in the chat rooms, so the reserved room should be relatively free of such riff-raff.

Contact Tab:
Setting custom status messages: click on the pencil, and type away!

Turning off chat: Click on the bubble পরবর্তি to "I am online" and click on the red "Log out" option on the menu.

Contacts are your mutual...
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^o^ ☺ ☻ ت ヅ ^.^ ツ ッ シ Ü ≧◡≦ ᵔᴥᵔ ^^ (°⌣°)
٩(^‿^)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃) ◕‿◕ ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶ =^.^=
(•‿•) ó‿ó ¢‿¢ ٩◔‿◔۶ ಠ◡ಠ ༺‿༻ (^L^)
♥‿♥ ◙‿◙ ●‿● ^( '‿' )^ ^‿^ ❀‿❀ 乂◜◬◝乂
{◕ ◡ ◕} (。◕‿◕。) ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ ◃┆◉◡◉┆▷ (▰˘◡˘▰)
< (^^,) > q(❂‿❂)p <【☯】‿【☯】> |◔◡◉| ⊂◉‿◉つ
✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌ ۹⌤_⌤۹ ⎝⎲⏝⏝⎲⎠ ⎝⓿⏝⓿⎠ ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠
⎝ᄽ⏝⏠⎠ \(^ω^\)...
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Heyy Fanpoppers! I decided to make this soapbox for people who need নীতিবাণী ideas! Enjoy!


1. And the People who touch your heart, are always with you

2. Me & Him! [I wish]

3. Deep inside the corner of my mind, Im attached to you...

4. I know its hard for us to be together but I do understand its harder to live without one another. I just want to let আপনি know that even though we cant be together we will never be apart, because the প্রণয় that I have for আপনি will always grow stronger as I live...

5. Cant আপনি feel my হৃদয় beat slow, I cant let আপনি go... I want to in my life...

6. He is the only...
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OK, everybody, let's all just take some deep breaths. I've been looking at মতামত within the last half ঘন্টা about the new ফ্যানপপ layout that has thrown all of us for a loop.

There was a similar outcry of disbelief over, what I am choosing to call, the link. I am here লেখা this to gather everyone's collective panic and misgivings into one place, as well as to try and look at the positives of these সাম্প্রতিক changes, in an attempt to placate some of your fears.

First of all, let's get the obvious out of the way. AH! OMIGAWD! ফ্যানপপ LOOKS WEIRD AND IS ALL DIFFERENT! It's like ফেসবুক and YouTube...
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So last night, August the 2nd/3rd, depending on where আপনি were, I witnessed a phenomenon I have not seen on the internet for quite some time, I've seen glimmers of it, hints and comments, but I've not had it so blatantly thrust in my face until last night. I am, of course, talking about unity. No, not unity against a 'common enemy' অথবা a 'troll' as many people on the internet assume is unity, but genuine "I can just click something to make someone feel a little better" kind of unity.

You see true believer, I have a faith in one thing, 'The small things count'. Whether it's just a passing 'hello',...
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Here is a little poem (if আপনি can call it that) that I wrote about fanpop. Believe it অথবা not this actually took a long time. It is really difficult to find words that start with P. Let me know if আপনি guys come up with anything better :) Ok Dave, Papa, Cliff, and Michael this one's for you!

 Dictionaries are a handy tool.
Dictionaries are a handy tool.
One thing that's becoming আরো and আরো prominent as time goes on, is that people online don't feel the need to use good grammar and spelling. Now, despite the fact that when on IM অথবা whatevs, it's really fine to use all of these little abbreviations like "jk" "lol" "atm" etc. etc. etc. Before I get any farther into this uncontrolled rant, let me just say that I do use some internet slang. Most of this, however, are words that I make up. So, whatevs, deelie, yuppers, wazhappenin, etc. etc. etc. I'm not one to use mainstream slang other than "lol" because there is NO replacement for LOL. No,...
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