burning need of your soul
take a glimpse to ignite
আগুন like slug আপনি whole
one who steals your fantasy
have special প্রদত্ত name
কুইন of Fire
touching you
hugging আপনি
flux আপনি in my flame
hunger all আপনি think
night whispers
crown আপনি as a man
My single gaze
magnet to worship
have special প্রদত্ত name
Empress of Desires
sloshing in torrent of rain
yearning for আপনি can't
an innocent prey
plunge on knees
fling my passion
Resist me?
আপনি won't get easy
have special প্রদত্ত name
Seductress of Temptation
You're hunted in my love
craving আপনি cant deny
আপনি see me when আপনি
look in the mirror
sorceress of Passion
Nothing about me is tame
voice that whispers of joy
song plays in mind
sweet lure of melody
one who hold আপনি grasp
Siren of Rapture
euphoria আপনি thirst for
glacy on lips
প্রদর্শনী আপনি the paradise
the nymph of Ecstasy
taken away your pain
without any gain
stars in skies up
celestial wishing well
Am the Goddess of Love
embrace আপনি in my arms
pray for your ease
a shroud of mist
Am the goddess of mercy
will never go away
all in one i am she

Copyright © 2015 anita sharma