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Kerim: I want to scream so loud against to sea that "I am so happy " ... ...
FG and Kerim on the way back to Istanbul ..Kerim realize about Meryem abla something are not right ...
Resat Yasaran taken to hospital ...Erdogan is visiting ,something are happening there Erdogan meets someone new.Who know who that be (some other evil person like himself )...
Remember to movie scene someone fall to sleep other ones shoulder. Now other one will fall to sleep on other one is shoulder in the car ...FG is awake so...I guess আপনি could imagine who will be that one is ♥
Not forgetting the long road ... there is a ferry ride that has আরো break, there have also ..
Finally they arrived প্রথমপাতা Murat will be running to Kerim immediately."Eniste ,Eniste"
Fatmagül: Murattttt, "enişten" very tired ... (You can imagine Kerim is face here ...)
There are beautiful scenes in this episode .. between Kerim and Fatmagül She will be raising expectations..... for viewer..beautifully ... I think all of them are followed (at home, kitchen, etc ...)
Someone will be dying and saying goodbye to প্রদর্শনী I dont know who .

Meryem finally will give that famous letter Kerim. Kerim's response to the letter, etc. we know wont be easy ... Of course it will be difficult,

But perhaps the most beautiful part of this section Fatmagül may be not saying not much with words but openly প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে her happiness around her husband ...(who would not I would ...come onnnn..girl .)
Kerim:" আপনি can tell me আপনি did not go work because আপনি wanted make my lunch"
FG" আপনি might feel spoiled"
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