'Feminazi' is the demonization of feminism via comparing the woman's rights movement to Adolf Hitler.

Needless to say, it is the most incompetent and insensitive terminology refering to:

A. The victims who suffered tremendously under Hitler's regime during WW2.
B. Feminism and how misunderstood it's many messages are today in modern society.

So even if আপনি aren't a feminist, অথবা maybe even not even pro-feminist (which i can assure আপনি are completely different things), আপনি most definately shouldn't tolerate this fad. Here are four, quick, clear reasons simply to start আপনি off. I could go on for hours on how opressive and and perilous the word 'feminazi' is, and how it's spectactularly fallacious. But here are just my MAIN reasons.

1. It desensitises and exploits the suffering of the holocaust victims.

Millions were starved, tortured, suffocated and enslaved under the command of the Axis powers. Not only the Jewish, but homosexuals, Gyspies, transvestites, Italians, Mexicans and people of colour to name a few suffered in ways indescribable due to Fascism. Calling a sub-culture who fights for EQUALITY rather than for a Aryan race is making this suffering seem like a usual and casual part of life in modern society. If আপনি use a extreme term to describe some-thing else entirely (and in this case positive), it almost undermines how horrific the holocaust was. To simplify this theory, heres an example:

আপনি are holding a packet of walkers crisps* (or potato-chips, to use universal terminology). Your বন্ধু keep calling these crisps Doritos , but when আপনি look down and taste the crisps, they do appear to be in-fact, walkers . However, your large group of বন্ধু keep insisting that these are doritos (Or আরো commonly known as Nachos) , and after a while আপনি start to believe it and assume that doritos must be exactly like walkers . When it is most definatly not.

Compare this analogy to the subject at hand. walkers can represent feminism, and doritos Fascism.
From this, আপনি can probably see how delussional and ignorant the term 'Feminazi' is already. It can brainwash and manipulate our veiwpoint, and is most definately not respectful to the survivors of WW2 অথবা to women.

2. It antagonises the liberation of women and feminism.

This is the most pressing and obvious issue with
'Feminazi',at least in my opinion.
As well as terrestrializing Nationalism, it also makes the female race and supporters of their rights seem like a issue, and chauvinism the victim. This is quite openly intentional, and i don't think any of the misogynists even care that it's factually wrong.
Theres not really much আরো I can add to this, as it is quite simple in concept, but still worrying.

3. It is historically inaccurate.

Let me put it this way: Hitler and all of his followers were NOT FEMINISTS. If anything, the 1940s in Germany was just as male-dominated and shaped দ্বারা gender roles as the rest of the back-ward world. This may seem petty, but i প্রণয় history, and surely আপনি should know about WW2 before the age of 10?

4. It is hypocritical.

So the masculist campaign has spent thousands of American currency on things like "femi-nazi awareness" billboards, posters and leaflets, and it is a জনপ্রিয় conversation for MRAs which some people even write omnious blogs centered on the term.

In the words of Shakespeare: Methinks thou dost protest too much .

Spending valuable time and money on a hate group sounds a little too much like the events of 1939 to 1940. If আপনি are so transfixed on outing feminists as Nazis and trying to turn society against them, perhaps আপনি need to look in the mirror.

So, there আপনি have it.
Don't use the word "feminazi". I know if i was to tell this to a misoygnist it would probably fall on deaf ears, but পরবর্তি time someone uses that word, fight back with awesome logic and watch there smug smile fade.