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 Torres and his বন্ধু
Torres and his friends
Oscar, Juli, Hugo, Elias and অ্যাঞ্জেল are Fernando Torres’ closest friends. They all shared a chat in which we discovered আরো things about what Fernando is like off the pitch

FT: I’ve known Oscar for 25 অথবা 30 years (laughs). I don’t know. For a long time.

Oscar: Since we played together in Infantiles (Under 13).

FT: And I met Hugo in the Madrid Team. At that time they took anyone on, as আপনি can see. And I went to school with Elias in Fuenlabrada.

Hugo: We met each other through football.

FT: What we didn’t know was that Hugo wasn’t on his own, the package included Juli, who was like...
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