Hello hello?
Are আপনি there?
Please don't go...
It's not fair...

Um, I just called to say I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to make আপনি bloody
We were just making fun,
We didn't know this would happen!

No, please don't be afraid
Let's just play games in the arcade
Just be calm and here
There's nothing to fear...

Listen, I've joined the crew
So I can see what I can do
Please don't have a nightmare
We're all here, we all care

Hello Hello?
Listen little bro
I know I can't make it right
But please, আপনি gotta fight

I'm sorry I scared you
We didn't know what it would do...
It's amazing আপনি can live
আপনি dunno what I'd give...

To take it all back
Give আপনি what আপনি lack
But I can't make আপনি whole again
If আপনি died, what then?

Um, it's amazing আপনি can live without the frontal lobe
No no, I'm not in the wardrobe!
Brother, this isn't hide and seek
Please be calm, don't freak!

Hello hello? Listen please!
I'm begging here, I'm on my knees!
We're all sorry for what happened
We didn't mean for this to be your end!

I'm working there still
I'm trying to get them to spill
I'm trying to find out why
But they're very sly

Hello hello? Just hang on!
I dunno what I'd do if আপনি were gone!
No, please don't flat line!
Not after all this time!

Please, they're trying to fix you!
No, whatever আপনি do
Don't leave me alone...
Please...let me atone...