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Me: Zzzzzzz
RC Avenger Pilot: *Over loud speaker* Captian, we have a problem, please come to the bridge.
Me: What could it bbbee this time?
RC Avenger Pilot: Sir. . . Look Imperial তারকা Destroyer. And it appears to have a new weapon.
Me: Abandon ship.
Pilot: Sir?
Me: আপনি heard me it's not looking good. . . *Cannon fires*
*Alarm goes off* Every abandon ship, abandon ship!
Pilot: Got it.
Me: There's not time for me to get off I'll get the ship I'll get in the crash tube. *Launches*
Mean while in Ponyville. . . . .
Twilight: Spike, are আপনি ready?
Spike: Just let. . . Me get the basket.
Twilight: Great we'll...
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মাই লিটল পনি ফ্রেন্ডশিপ ইজ ম্যাজিক
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