দ্বারা Denise Wheaton

High school অনুরাগী of শিয়াল TV's sci-fi thriller, Fringe, will be thrilled to learn that they'll be able to request lesson plans based on the most extreme physics elements of their পছন্দ program. Thanks to Marshall Barnes, R&D engineer extraordinaire and the National Lab Network web site that promotes STEM projects nationwide, The Xtreme Physics of FRINGE will be launched in time for the fall school season and feature lesson plans based on the Fringe episodes dealing with parallel universes and the technology featured that interacts with them.

According to a press release issued today, the idea came to Marshall when he saw that Science Olympiad, another STEM promoting organization who has The Science of Fringe link , was ignoring those parallel universe elements from their lesson plans, even when they were a main part of the episode being covered. Marshall, being an expert on the physics behind parallel universes and who already lectures about them to high school students, saw this as a perfect opportunity to take the educational possibilities of Fringe to a higher level.

The lessons will include study topics, names and work of related researchers and even classroom experiments. A portal will be created on the National Lab Network site where teachers can access the lesson plans. Marshall's expertise makes him the perfect authority to do this project. He gets rave reviews from teachers and students have been recognized for their achievements during his presentations দ্বারা local and state governments link . He's been doing advanced concept science and technology presentations for schools since 2005 when he started SuperScience for High School Physics before joining National Lab দিন in 2009. National Lab দিন became National Lab Network early this school year. Marshall is the শীর্ষ ranked STEM professional for National Lab Network link .

There's already a marker page for the project on the National Lab Network site. আপনি can visit it at link .