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marwi posted on Jun 02, 2009 at 01:30PM
What was your favourite OVA? Did you wish it ended in a different way? Which one did you like the most: The Tale Of The Forbidden Women's Hot Spring Resort or Fushigi Akugi (Fushigi Play-ing around)?

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বছরখানেক আগে marwi said…
I posted this and I don't even commented on it! What a shame XD it's been like...a week? I don't even know what day is it!

My favourite OVA is the 2nd but Eikou Den (3rd OVA) was awesome too!(First I thought "that Miyo is fraking crazy!!!")
The first Ova dissappointed me...maybe cause it was so short,and in the end I said : That's it??
But I like the most The Forbbiden Women's Hot Spring Resort; Tamahome,Tasuki and Keisuke dress up as girls was hilarious,lol and poor Mitsukake,they pixelated all his face :(
I don't know if anyone noticed but Nakago said that he is Watase's favourite character...LIAR!!! lol