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Great news, Georgina was cast in the new INXS mini series, ‘Never Tear Us Apart’. The mini series is currently in production, with Georgina taking the role of Paula Yates.

Chart-topping singer and 2012 X Factor winner, Samantha Jade, will make her screen debut as Kylie Minogue.

Joining Jade in the portrayal of the key women in the story of INXS are Georgina Haig (Fringe, The হাতি Princess) as Paula Yates and Mallory Jansen (Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War) as Helena Christensen.

This major, two-part টেলিভিশন event is being Executive Produced দ্বারা Mark Fennessy and Rory Callaghan, with...
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Following the news last week that Georgina had been casted as Elsa for the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time, she spoke with the Australian Associated Press about her processing of auditioning and landing the role. আপনি can check out the interview below, where she also talks about her new husband – Actor, comedien, and screen-writer, Josh Mapleston.

It’s not every দিন আপনি become a ডিজনি princess. But for Georgina Haig, today is that day. The Sydney-based actress has just scored the role of Frozen’s Elsa in the Disney-produced US series, Once Upon A Time. But it turns out she owes the...
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