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When taking those pictures আপনি could only smell and not eat the চকোলেট right?
Yerin: It’s my পছন্দ চকোলেট but because I’m currently on a diet I couldn’t eat it. When was the last time I ate some? It was so long পূর্বে that I don’t even remember. I was just happy to be holding it.

You recently graduated? How does it feel?
Yerin: I didn’t cry, I really like wearing my uniform. Now that I can’t wear it anymore I’m really bewildered. Even though we wore a school look for ‘Glass Bead’ but it’s clearly different to my uniform. That দিন all of the members wore their uniform and did সঙ্গীত প্রদর্শনী rehearsals. I hope that video is never deleted. Ha… No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t feel real. I’ll still wear my uniform occasionally. (laughs)

Come to think of it, it’s great to debut at the start of your 20’s.
Yerin: That’s why my graduation দিন was strange. Our manager was পরবর্তি to me, and behind me were our অনুরাগী taking pictures. My life changed a lot in just one month. It feels like it went দ্বারা really quickly. Lots of days went দ্বারা that I didn’t realize.

Even so, were there any memorable days?
Yerin: When doing the high kick one দিন I was so excited that my foot ended up going behind my head. I’m originally quite stiff. At school whenever we’d do a fitness test I’d often get minus in the flexibility portion. But starting from high school I practiced every দিন so I could be আরো flexible. I’m the type of person that focuses on one thing until I perfect it…. If আপনি put in effort there is nothing আপনি can’t do.

Do আপনি have the role of older sister in the group?
Yerin: I have one older brother, there’s an 11 বছর age difference. When I was in elementary school my brother served in the army, when I started middle school he went to the US to study so I grew up like an only child. I’m not used to being the unnie so when I became a trainee, the younger ones told me “Because আপনি have no experience, just do as আপনি feel.” and as we were together I eventually learned what not to do and what was right.

You have a very happy impression and seem like আপনি don’t get angry is that right? (laughs)
Yerin: I don’t get angry often. My skin tone, cheeks and stomach are kind of like ‘rice cake’, the members ask me “Unnie, can I touch your stomach?”. But if the dorm is dirty I tend to get a bit annoyed. For example if there is an আপেল peel left on the counter. Luckily the রান্নাঘর has been clean lately. The members never take their laundry so I still have to say “Everyone please make sure আপনি take all of your clothes today~”. (laughs)

What is most important to আপনি at the moment?
Yerin: A good attitude. When we’re promoting we don’t get much sleep so it’s easy to be tired. I never used to like coffee but now I drink 3 cups. I also eat vitamins and nutrients well. In order to have a healthy mind আপনি have to have a healthy body.

I think you’ll have a good year.
Yerin: Ah… I haven’t seen this year’s horoscope yet. (laughs) Honestly, they never match with me. When I was younger out of curiosity I went and saw a fortuneteller, she ব্যক্ত ‘You’ll lean towards being a celebrity but because it’s hard for you, you’ll give up’. But I’ve came this far and haven’t প্রদত্ত up.


Are আপনি the type to wake up easily on a দিন like this for an early morning schedule?
Yuju: Eunha, SinB, Umji and I all share a room in the dorm. I’m the one who wakes up the earliest and washes up, then wakes the other members. I used to wake up straight away when my alarm went off but lately I sleep through it so Yerin who is in the পরবর্তি room has to wake me up. I’m working hard to find that will I lost.

Is it not because you’re all busy chatting until late? (laughs)
Yuju: Even though we’re with each other all দিন every day, they still talk before sleeping. Honestly because I’m the main vocal I have to do a lot of adlibs and if I talk all night my throat gets sore. Because taking care of my throat and voice is the most important for me I don’t talk much. I’m careful.

It seems like you’re thorough with self-care. আপনি also only eat রুটি 2 days every month.
Yuju: I really really প্রণয় bread, I once had a rash and had to refrain from eating it for a week. দ্বারা doing that my condition got better, my skin troubles seemed to go too. Because there’s a lot of other things to eat I’m good at restraining myself.

When did আপনি start wanting to become a singer?
Yuju: Ever since I was little I loved গান গাওয়া and dancing. I started attending a vocal school in the 7th grade, there was a competition at Goyang city. There were a lot of older girls who had been training for a long time. I’d never formally learned so I got a participation prize. After that I started going to vocal school.

How did আপনি end up at your current agency?
Yuju: I went to an audition. I passed and started trainee life, there were tasks I had to master every day. The person who taught me those was Yerin. ‘If anyone doesn’t teach me what do I do? If I have to do it all দ্বারা myself what will I do?’ I worried a lot like that so I’m thankful to her. I was grateful there was an unnie like her.

You have to be especially good to her now. (laughs)
Yuju: But lately I play a lot of jokes (on her). I touch her cheeks a lot. I don’t do it a lot but আপনি can see embarrassment in her face easily….No matter how I look at it I’m sorry for saying this but whenever she gets angry she’s really cute. I can tell she tries to control herself. Even though it’s really cute, I also think that I should be nicer to Yerin.

You seem like you’d be a model student so it’s surprising.
Yuju: Although I have a serious side too, there are a lot of opportunities to have fun. (laughs) There are times where I want to play around for no reason.