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I have a dream, where I can fly. My hops are my wings. Only because আপনি left me , my হৃদয় started to hurt. But one দিন I will find আপনি and প্রদর্শনী আপনি how much I missed you. I also will প্রদর্শনী আপনি how much আপনি hurt me . Don't play with feelings, আপনি only will hurt them. Don't try to make a person প্রণয় you, it won't work. My dreams follow me everywhere I go and make me feel good. Because I feel good, I feel hope in that I will find আপনি one দিন and আপনি will pay for the things আপনি done to me. But don't fear that day, it may come later. আপনি are the reason why I have a life, but don't be so sure that আপনি will survive. I will leave আপনি with your life for a time so use it. But give me one promise: Stay out of my sight till I take your life from you. Ha, ha, behold, the powers I hide are strong and I could easily kill you. Fear the nights shadows and never, I repeat: NEVER leave your room in Darkness

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