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I'm so sorry for making so many প্রবন্ধ recently, but i'm in the mood of making them so...xD

This is my ranking of the prettiest SNSD members, without makeup. Who looks the best? and who looks the worst?

Feel free to disagree with me, in the মতামত =)

Btw i'll use সাম্প্রতিক pics. And i KNOW, that, in the pics i'll show, the girls aren't entirely without makeup. BUT they're wearing very little makeup.

Number 9- Sunny

It's not that she looks bad but the difference between her with makeup and without makeup is HUGE. Tbh, i couldn't almost recognize her in those pics, the biggest difference...
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posted by kimkyu
[INFO] SNSD's Contract Information.

- Yuri's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 9 years until 28 years old. She's now 23.

- Yoona's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 15 years until 34. She's now 22.

- Jessica's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 9 years until 28 years old. She's now 23.

- Sooyoung's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 5 years till 23. She's now 22.

- Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun's contract on SM Entertainment will expire untill SNSD disbands.

- Sunny's contract on SM Entertainment is a FREEDOM CONTRACT.

- Taeyeon's contract on SM Entertainment will expire...
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posted by reeginasays
Have আপনি guys ever wondered about the meanings of each number the girls wear when they perform "Oh!"? If not, now's the time to find out what they're all about (if so, lucky আপনি because I found out!! LOL)!!

Taeyeon chose 9 as it is the number of SNSD,
Sooyoung chose 24 as she wants to be with the অনুরাগী 24/7,
Seohyun chose 11 to be number one in everything,
Tiffany chose 01, but while printing, an error occurred, leaving out the 1, and giving her the nickname "Team's Hole" with the number 0.
Jessica is turning 22 this year, so she chose the number 22,
Yuri chose 21, as it was her age at that time,...
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1.Tears-I have to admit this song is not জনপ্রিয় but it's amazingly beautiful its from their first album GIRLS GENERATION,it's a sad song,their voice are amazing with such a young age,so u guys should listen,it's beautiful

2.Promise-This song is from I GOT A BOY album,it has such a beautiful melody,the song shows that snsd has improve a lot,the song fits snsd voice and the song is just amazing...

3.Mistake-I fell in প্রণয় with the song,I প্রণয় their voice in the song,I already প্রণয় the song before i know that Yuri wrote the song,and after i know it I প্রণয় it more,the song is so awesome!

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In case you're wondering...NO i didn't forget about my "prettiest member in ____ MV" articles. LOOL

but i'm keeping those in the dungeon for a while xD

Anyway, this will be based on how many moments these pairings have অথবা the chemestry/friendship i see in them. so don't expect "popularity" to play a huge part on this analysis. cause i'm sorry to disappoint you, i was never a অনুরাগী of the জনপ্রিয় snsd pairings like taengsic, yoonyul, etc etc. most of them don't even feel genuine to me. they just seem like "fanservice pairings"


Anyway, we all know (or suspect) these two members' history....
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I'm going to make this প্রবন্ধ because I want to express myself about what I think about each member. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Vocal ranking:

Of course Taeyeon, who else in SNSD can challege her? She hits and mainteins her high notes easilly. She has a open vocal range and she's very versatile.

She's really good but I haven't seen improvement in a long time. That makes me think that she can't improve more, অথবা that she don't want to. Her high notes are amazing and I প্রণয় her voice, which never change in performance.

She's been shadowed for 5 years and now people complain...
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posted by Hyori143
SNSD’s Yoona finds her doppelganger in Malaysia?
SNSD’s Yoona is currently drawing a lot of attention with her doppelganger.

An online community পোষ্ট হয়েছে pictures with the caption, “A Malaysian girl looks like Yoona.”

In the picture, a Malaysian girl is wearing her traditional clothes. Her eyes and eyebrows look just like Yoona and it surprised many people.

Her milky white skin and smile are also a lot like Yoona. The girl previously received considerable attention as Yoona’s doppelganger on Facebook.

People who saw the pictures responded: “She was not Yoona?” “People will believe that she is Yoona.” “They really look alike.” “Yoona is still prettier though.”

SNSD is currently holding the ’2013 SNSD Arena Tour,’ which started on February 9 in Kobe.
2PM's Taecyeon will perform with his "secret" girlfriend at the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun. And guess who, that secret girlfriend is none other than Yoona of SNSD.

Fan girls, don't go crazy just yet. It's just a performance, অথবা at least that's what we think.

The two will put on a special performance with a deep storyline. Let me lay it down for you. Taecyeon and Yoona have been dating secretly, they get in a fight over a small misunderstanding and Yoona starts to dodge Taecyeon's calls. SNSD tries to cheer Yoona up so they escape their dorm to have some fun, but during their night out, they run into...
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Netizens must have always been expressive how they are এনচ্যান্টেড দ্বারা Yoona's beauty but let's face the fact that she's not perfect at all.

Yoona's proportioned physique saves her skinny body and she always looks good in everything she wears... expect perhaps super skinny jeans? Netizens shared some unflattering ছবি of Yoona's legs which appeared awkwardly for some reason.

Maybe it's because she's too skinny that even though she has that perfectly shaped thigh gap, her bowlegs to appear awkwardly like this is kind of unflattering.

Hope she gains আরো weight.
posted by milli893
1.When Yuri is focused on something, she doesn’t pay attention to other things.. (Win Win Ep. 11)
2. Yuri cried most of the time, if she’s talking about members..
3. Once Yuri cried in IY, because she’s talking about Tiff that cares her so much.. (IY Ep 1)
4. Yuri is thinking about the member when she’s অভিনয় crying in K.Will’s MV (Jeon Hyunmoo’s Freeway Radio – Sooyoung & Yuri cut [07.31.09])
5. Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days (Win Win Ep. 11)
6. Yuri got slapping habit

7. Yuri was ব্যক্ত a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member দ্বারা আরো than 1 psychologist...
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I wanted to make this প্রবন্ধ long time ago. Since people got a bit annoyed about pools, I'll just post my rankings. Remember, this is only my opinion. So, I'm really sorry (really not, everybody has an opinion) if your bias is low in a visual in which আপনি liked/loved her. Also, if আপনি don't want to see Sooyoung/Yuri/Tiffany winning always and call me biased, I wouldn't recommend আপনি keep reading.

Into the New World

Girl's Generation

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posted by Yuna1331
I combined all of my rankings including prettiest with অথবা without makeup, pre debut pictures, and the member that really fit all the hairstyle (short hair, long hair, with bangs, etc.).

So let's just get started!

9. Hyoyeon

Sorry i don't find her really pretty after getting her surgery done. She's আরো on the sexy side. I find her pretty when her hair is curly and blonde. She's really pretty. But her face is not my taste. I adore your personality so আপনি don't have to worry.

8. Sunny

Sunny is really cute for me. I find her pretty when her hair is long, dark brown, especially when she has full bangs....
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Well, this is just my personal list. The Twinkle MV won't be included, since it's just part of their subunit... and they just looked too good in that. XD There are multiple পছন্দ for each member for me, but I wanted to have different MVs for each member, so... Enjoy!

Taeyeon: Mr. Mr.
Well, I personally LOVED her look in this MV, even if I didn't care too much for the song. The thing that made me really like her look is her eye makeup. It really sets off her beautiful eyes, and the screencap justified her সামগ্রিক look.
Honorable Mentions: Run Devil Run (Korean/Japanese), Genie (Korean),...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
 উদ্ধৃতি from SNSD... (Click for a larger view)
Quotes from SNSD... (Click for a larger view)

Date: August 5, 2014
Today is the দিন where seven years ago, a legacy was made. In honor of their 7th anniversary, here are the personal messages left দ্বারা অনুরাগী around the world! The response was pretty overwhelming. I never thought I'd get 20+ people to sign up for this, so I sincerely thank আপনি from the bottom of my heart!

This is how the প্রবন্ধ will be formatted.
Each of the messages will be underneath the banner that says their bias's fandom name, while crediting who ব্যক্ত the message. Again, I cannot thank আপনি guys enough for helping me with this article, and I really can't take the credit...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
So these are the results of my মতামত that I've conducted over the past few days. These are the opinions of the অনুরাগী that commented, so respect all of these opinions, no matter how harsh they may be. Keep in mind that this isn't my bias list, so don't bash, and let's begin!

First off, this is how I thought the results would turn out. (not my bias list)
1. Taeyeon
2. Sooyoung
3. Seohyun
4. Hyoyeon
5. Jessica
6. Yoona
7. Sunny
8. Yuri
9. Tiffany

As আপনি can see, I'm not the greatest at making predictions, since I was wrong about most of the members' placements.

Also, the format will be:
Rank of Member + Link...
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I came up with this idea today and i'll be doing an প্রবন্ধ for every MV. Of course it will take a lot of work but it's been a long time since i last wrote an প্রবন্ধ for this club

And before আপনি say anything related to my beauty preferences..... YES, আপনি CAN EXPECT SOOYOUNG IN THE শীর্ষ 3 AND SEOHYUN IN THE BOTTOM 3, FOR ALMOST EVERY SOSHI MV

that's why one of them is my prettiest member and the other one is my least pretty member, guys. LOL. natural logic right here

and i know it doesn't really keep আপনি interested to know that Sooyoung will be the winner so many times but hey...you don't have...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
A while back, I did an Opinion/Rant on Yoona, and if আপনি want to read that article, then link

I wanted to do Tiffany first, but প্রদত্ত link I decided to write about Taeyeon!

Well, when I first started here on Fanpop, Taeyeon was my least bias due to her some of her delusional অনুরাগী thinking that she's this perfect goddess who no one can compare to, like shown link But around a মাস ago, I started to see her সরানো up a spot on my bias list. Sorry Yuri and Yurisistables, but now Yuri's my least bias.

But, we have to realize that she isn't perfect. Take it from link (I'll paraphrase and summarize that...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
So, I may অথবা may not have হারিয়ে গেছে some inspiration to write my Opinion/Rants. I want to write them, but I feel like there's nothing else to write other than my feelings about the individual members, so I'll just do that for a while and see if a really good topic strikes.

So this প্রবন্ধ was inspired দ্বারা pretty_angel92, and I প্রণয় her articles, so I decided to make my own. Plus, SNSD has made so many songs that it's really hard to make a তালিকা for their many individual songs, but here's the few that I can't stand. Sorry if this offends anybody, but this is just my opinion. Now, let's begin!

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I apologize if some of your faves are in this তালিকা xD

10- Girlfriend

Ugh, never liked this song. It has some unnecessary aegyo, the beat in the chorus reminds me of that song from Shrek, "accidentaly in love" and the line distribution sucks....
I actually do kinda like the verses but the chrorus ruins everything .

9- One বছর later

Sorry, not a fan. It's not because it's Jessica (one of my least পছন্দ members).
I just find the song really boring and Onew didn't help either.

8- Say yes

It still frustrates me how they sing this live, when there's like....80+ songs that are much...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Opinion/Rant time again! Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week, I'm really busy with school. Oh, and I decided to post Kpop's পরবর্তি শীর্ষ Model's finale sometime this week, if I can. Sorry for waiting for the finale for so long!

Okay, so SNSD has always been plagued দ্বারা plastic surgery rumors ever since their debut, usually দ্বারা antis. Not surprising, in fact, it's funny to see everyone fighting over whether অথবা not they've actually had it.

Here's what people have ব্যক্ত that they've had:
Taeyeon- Double eyelid surgery, nose job
Jessica- Multiple nose jobs, jawline surgery
Sunny- Nose job, forehead implant...
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