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One UNIFIED voice makes wonders. This has been my নীতিবাণী for a long time and from my experience, I have seen many efforts transformed into success through unity and joint efforts.

Like SONEs around the world, Malaysian SONEs are not short in terms of their প্রণয় and passion for the nine lovely girls we know as Girls’ Generation অথবা So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD). There are many SNSD অনুরাগী সংগঠন in Malaysia which is a positive sign but আরো could be done if all these অনুরাগী সংগঠন could come together as ONE. Thus, Project পরাকাষ্ঠা Ocean Malaysia (PPOM) was established and spearheaded দ্বারা MySone.net, a Malaysian...
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posted by SooSica99
Result and some অনুরাগী some perspective :

1.Taeyeon-she is natural beauty and beautiful with অথবা without makeup and she is cute
2.Tiffany-her beauty is interesting
3.YoonA-she is plain but pretty
4.Jessica-she is pretty
5.Sooyoung-more attractive and interesting
6.Yuri-other member is আরো interesting than her
7.Seohyun-some people don't like her cheeks and don't think she is pretty
8.Sunny-she just cute not pretty
9.Hyoyeon-the ugliest

Beauty Ranking made দ্বারা Plastic Surgeons
Each member judged দ্বারা face,body type and more.

posted by snsd_hyo
i found all these pictures and i found that they are ver pretty,cute and fresh.

>>links of a ফোরাম full with Fany's cute picture


>>mostly Taeyeon, Hyoyeon & Sooyoung; unseen (hopefully!)

>>Many many pre-debut ছবি . ALL BUT NO SUNNY .

>>many unseen অথবা seen?

>>she's beautiful even before


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posted by DaniMF
Hey, I'm here again, I'm in প্রণয় with the প্রবন্ধ so I' making one again. This time about my SNSD beauty ranking. Hope you'll enjoy it.

I'm not a big অনুরাগী of asian beauties, she has really beautifull moments but even when she has them, she doesn't usually get high. I hate her eyes, they are little and bloated, and she has holes. I'm a big অনুরাগী of her hair, it's my third favourite but I'm getting bored of it. She just moved from brunette to light brown, even black, but not much more. She can't have wavy hair because it makes her face fluffy, and neither have bags because of the same.

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posted by snsdlover4ever
I see that this বছর and in late 2013, there's a bunch of members leaving their respective groups that Korea called legendary in কেপপ history. One দ্বারা one, we see the নৌকা gradually sinking.

Take a look at the Wonder Girls. First, Sunye got married and had her baby, Sohee left to pursue an অভিনয় career, (which I think she could succeed in easily because she wasn't the best singer imo and she has potential talent) and now, everybody's wishing that the JYP would finally announce that Wonder Girls is dead now that Sunye had suddenly decided to go to Haiti with her family. Worst troll ever, Sunye....
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posted by shiraz97
2. She makes a cute angry face whenever yuri is sad.

3. Yoona is the #1 কুইন of CF in SNSD.

4. Alot of male & female অনুরাগী want to tackle her.

5. She's a great actress and a model as well.

6. She is the face of Soshi.

7. Her daum fanclub, Luxul, is currently the largest among soshi members.

8. Yoona would like a son and a daughter.

9. She picked Bali (or summer island) for her dream honeymoon destination.

10. According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems quiet and hard to approach, she's actually one of the friendliest soshi member.

11. She's been in many mv for high পরিলেখ groups...
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posted by shiraz97
Credits go to the Soshified.com community! (Brightmellow. yuriism. jini_14. mingying. meversusyou. angeli.Wasabi21. anerac. tomahtows.tomeytows. someday. soshi is

1. The meaning of the name Choi SooYoung is Luxurious ফুল Petal

2. Soo is the third youngest member but she is the tallest of them all (170 cm AND GROWING).

3. She doesn't call her unnis "unni". (Nobody can be as badass as Soo, yo!)

4. Jessica gave her the English name "Summer".

5. She eats an average of 6-7 times in a one day.

6. Soo never had a boyfriend.

7. Taeyeon busted out one of her sleeping habits: SLEEP TALKING.

8. Aside...
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posted by Gretulee
Rank SNSD Most Voted Like a Princess :

1. Jessica
2. Tiffany
3. Yoona
4. Yuri
5. Seohyun
6. Taeyeon
7. Sooyoung
8. Sunny
9. Hyoyeon

SNSD Members Coolest While Wearing Glasses:


SNSD Rank with Beautiful Long Hair

1. Jessica
2. Yoona
3. Tiffany
4. Yuri
5. Sooyoung
6. Seohyun
7. Hyoyeon
8. Taeyeon
9. Sunny
[NEWS] Choi Soo Jin: Girls’ Generation Members “Really Eat A Lot”

Musical actress Choi Soo Jin, who’s well known as the pretty older sister of Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, revealed a not-so-secret secret.

On November 2, she made a guest appearance on SBS’s সঙ্গীত variety প্রদর্শনী “1000 Challenge,” where she confessed, “There’s something I really want to say. The members of Girls’ Generation really eat a lot.”

MC Jang Yoon Jung asked, “So do আপনি mean, they eat a lot, but don’t gain weight?” Soo Jin answered, “Even though they eat a lot, because they have a lot of schedules they don’t gain weight. The ‘Girls’ Generation diet’ on the internet is a lie.”

In other news, Choi Soo Jin showed off her vocal prowess throughout the program and shared a snippet of her song from the musical “Find Kim Jong Wook.”
posted by snsdlover4ever
It's the SM and SNSD vs Jessica show! May the battle begin! (I bet it's getting annoying to keep seeing প্রবন্ধ about this. XP Sorry.)

Lol no, but really this is just my thoughts being typed out on my screen, so this might not flow as great as I wish it could be.

I'm probably going to get bashed for this, but I might only keep it up for a দিন anyways.

So, I have been feeling that this would happen soon, but not in this super serious and sudden way that's making everyone in the কেপপ world go crazy, especially Sones.

But really now? Some people are just too ignorant to figure out on their owns as...
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Hi S♥NEs, today is August 4/5th and it's almost SNSD's 7th Anniversary! linkIt's অবিশ্বাস্য that it's already been 7 years since their debut. These 9 wonderful girls have matured into beautiful ladies. I'm very thankful for their efforts and I hope there will be আরো years with you, SNSD.link

I can't really take credit for লেখা these articles, since it was all of আপনি who wrote these sincere and sweet messages.

So this প্রবন্ধ format will be just like the first message ^^


To our dorky Kid Leader; Taeyeon:

 ɞ "I can do it!" Those words taught me to face all events with courage and confidence. ʚ
ɞ "I can do it!" Those words taught me to face all events with...
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posted by sgsone
Ayo,Shandy!(lol,my real name)Btw,just askin,any of আপনি have instagram?If আপনি do,you can follow me and I promise to follow back!
Acc name: heo.jung.eun

Tiffany:Oppa,when did আপনি buy this villa?It's so pretty!

Nichkhun:I bought this while we were dating.I figure that we might need some time together without getting caught দ্বারা those paparazzis but oh well...

Tiffany:Oppa jjang!By the way,where are we going after putting down our luggage?

Nichkhun:Let's see...we could go grab some coffee in the nearby cafe then watch a movie,I have plenty of CDs...
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posted by seobaby4eva
well for my first one, i would like to choose a very uncommon topic which is pimple and acne...
pimple and acne usually occur to the teenagers and snsd once had pimple and acne too but now they have a very smooth and radiant skin. With a very good and correct way, u can get skin like them too...

Until now she still have some right?
she has small but many pimple taht looks like rashes









other artist too






this is not a bashing প্রবন্ধ just want to...
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Since there are members that are dating, I decided to make a fake scenario about how they came to be. Of course, I'll still use the facts, but most likely, it'll be fake. (If it was real, that would just be creepy.) Each story will be two অথবা three parts, so I Hope আপনি enjoy!

Part 1: link

The পরবর্তি day...
Sooyoung: Ooh! Yoona, wake up!
Yoona: Really? Again? I'd like to have at least one full night of sleep!
Sooyoung: Yes again! We just got invited to a birthday party tonight!
Yoona: From who?
Sooyoung: From... umm... Him.
Yoona: আপনি make it sound like আপনি got an invitation from God.
Sooyoung: Ugh, fine....
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After the success of S.M. Entertainment's boy band, Super Junior, the company planned to debut a new girl group, which would ultimately turn into Girls' Generation, featuring a start-up roster of 11 members.[12] For nearly two years, Korean websites speculated about which of the female SM Entertainment trainees would be placed into the group. The candidate members were professionally trained primarily in গান গাওয়া and dancing, while some were also selected to be trained in অভিনয় and modeling. Many of the candidate members had already made names for themselves in the Korean entertainment...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
*Disclaimer: The main ideas are based on the Hunger Games, but most of it is completely false, since I've never really read the book, and never watched the movie, and to avoid plagarism, I'm adding stuff that never really happened, so please don't complain about how this might be very unrelated to the movie. Hope আপনি enjoy!*

Chapter 1:

Jessica(narrating): It's been a few years since SNSD and এফ(এক্স) had to go their separate ways, and South Korea hasn't been profiting very much since then. All that is left is our wealthy Capitol, and the districts that have now been set to fend for themselves....
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Well first the title,translated to english would be 'Happy Birthday Taeyeon' and yeah this time I'll talk about this pretty unnie^_^

It's Taeyeon's 26th birthday,can আপনি believe it!?Her face just looks like a lady in her early 20s but,believe it অথবা not অথবা Taeyeon unnie is a mature lady who laughs,talks, and even act like an a ajumma..ㅋㅋㅋ
Message to unnie:
SoShi comeback made me feel really excited and I প্রণয় their new song but unnie and your 8 other sisters shouldn't work to hard either,unnie,please rest well and not get sick so আপনি can perform another amazing performance for us,SONES.I প্রণয় you!!

Lastly,let's wish Taeyeon a Happy Birthday!!🎉🎊
posted by snsd_hyo
Most Loyal Sone Ranking

3.kpop4everlover and sweet_yuri

3. JinHee99 and alibabat

1.Syarah26 and nacchiee




2. seobaby4eva


2. 03Shizuka03

আপনি can view it here :)
posted by kpop4everlover
I am happy that many sones have joined and so I will tell a few facts about them.

Taeyeon - Born 9th March , 1989
Taeyeon is referred to kid/dorky leader. When she was a trainee she would used to run away because of exhaustion and once she হারিয়ে গেছে her phone and they found it in the refrigerator.

Taeyeon's অনুরাগী are called Taenganger

Jessica - Born 18th April , 1989
Jessica is the ice princess. She has a younger sister in a group also formed দ্বারা SM called f(x). She is called ice princess because of her cold image but she has a warm heart.

Jessica's অনুরাগী are called Gorjess Spazzer

Sunny - Born 15th May...
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posted by tiagih
Integration Theory-
Her development from a young adult to adult in Korea is different than other members. প্রদত্ত that her father wasn't initially supportive of her decision to go to Korea in hopes of being an Idol, it shows that she has an independent trait (or rebellious). She doesn't really talk alot. What I mean is that because she had to transition between cultures, she learned to for lack of a better word hold her tongue, which obviously goes against her independent nature.
She likes to present a আরো "cool" Asian demeanor and not just one that focuses too much on being pretty, which is...
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