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posted by Rarityoxox123
Giroro: Its বড়দিন আপনি dumbass

Keroro: ....OH that thing about Santa like we did last exuasting!!!

Natsumi:ll walks in ll
ll Natsumi wore a beautiful santa dress,with a matching santa hat ll
Sup Frog....ll looks at Keroro ll ....Toad

Giroro: llBlushesll আপনি look ......nice today

Natsumi :Thanks .Oh Keroro just before we celebrate বড়দিন আপনি need to do your chores.

Keoro: GEO!!!But its বড়দিন Natsumi!!!
Won`t আপনি please let me slac~ i mean get a দিন off?...PLEASEPLEASE I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY GUNDAM AND SKIP OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW!!! please please.....

Natsumi:.....Oh the IS Christmas!

posted by Rarityoxox123
Narrator:Twas the দিন of Christmas,and snowflakes appear,Keep to finishing his Gundam toy was near..... Keroro:........DONE!!!!! Natsumi:HEY FRIDOT GET DOWN HERE DONT আপনি KNOW WHAT দিন IT IS?????!!!!! Keroro:keo? 25 মতামত TO CONTINUE!!!!!! srry im on my kindle আগুন and i kinda have to মহাকাশ lot soo yea......