Sam`s P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of my sister she was shoving a letter in my face."what is this?"I said."a letter duh"said my sister."tina I mean where from and what for?""I don't know open it""ok calm down"tina is 16 while I'm 17 and she is a pain a big pain but recently she has been nicer but that's because our parents died last মাস so I have to look after her.I opened the letter and all it ব্যক্ত was আপনি HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO BE AN AVENGER and that I had no choice to যোগদান and I will be pick up in 2 hours as well as my sister all I ব্যক্ত was "pack stuff,eat and get ready we are going somewhere""Sam how long have we got and where are we going?""no time to explain and I have no idea"I just jamp out of বিছানা made টোস্ট then we got ready and packed now all we had to do was wait.

Santana 's P.O.V
I was getting changed to go out with my girlfriend Brittany when a letter came in through my post box and I opened it like a normal person would and read it once I read it I called Britt and ব্যক্ত "Britt pack some clothes and get ready be at my place in 2 ঘন্টা max we are going somewhere special" then I hang up not letting her answer I was so excited but also scared and wondering why I choose Britt to come instead of puck?well puck shouldn't go to jail again while im gone hopefully.

Mike's P.O.V
I was walking around my house in just my boxers cause my parents where out of town and then a letter came I opened it then read it it ব্যক্ত that I was being taken to a secret headquarters and I was aloud to bring 1 guest so I called san "san I just got this letter about avengers.."then I got cut off "omg so did I im taking Britt আপনি should take puck""cool I guess I'm taking puck can আপনি tell him cause I have a lot of work to do""let me guess your in your boxers doing nothing?""you know me to well""got to go see আপনি soon I guess""yeah bye"once I hung up I was at work right away I had to clean the whole house "this is gonna take a while"

finn's P.O.V

12:15 I was talking to my mum "mum who should I take to the headquarters Rachel অথবা Kurt?""well sweetie I heard Kurt is going with quinn""wait quinn?""yeah the blonde friend of his?""nope no idea""well then it doesn't matter because now আপনি don't have to choose and are taking Rachel well unless আপনি want to take your mother?""ehhh.....I think I'll take Rachel""ok well call her up and tell her আপনি have to leave in like 2 hours""yeah right I'll do that the now.I had 1 ঘন্টা left and all I had to do Rachel uhh oh " নমস্কার Rach"I ব্যক্ত when she finally picked up "yeah babe?""well pack some stuff eat and get ready in less than 1 ঘন্টা then come round to my house a.s.a.p""WHAT?that's not enough time""well that's all you've got""uhh..fine then be their soon bye""bye"

Kurt's P.O.V
Walking around then suddenly "bring bring" my phone went off so I answered "hey Kurt" I hear " নমস্কার quinn what's up?""pack your bags where going to a secret headquarters""what for May I ask?""not telling now pack!""ok woman dont get your panties in a twist""ha ha now go আপনি have 2 hours then once your done come to mine ok?""ok bye""bye"