Some of the স্বতস্ফূর্ত rumors that have been going around lately have been confirmed! I'm sorry i don't know the name of the উৎস but she seems to be someone who read the script of episode 1 and 2.
I found them on tumblr, but the image is really small so i'm just going to copy them here:

"since আপনি all don't want details i'll just share some of my thoughts about the first two episodes:
- i LOVED the way they wrote Kurt, especially in 6x01, i think it's the first time since season 3 that আপনি can really see how crazy in প্রণয় he is with Blaine.
- the moment Kurt sees Blaine for the first time after the break up made me cry
- S6 Rachel is really messed up, but i প্রণয় her so :)
- 6x02 isn't good as 5x12/5x13
- i just wanted to hug Blaine when i read the scripts
- Quick is really cute (and that's say something because i don't really like the couple)

Also i know a lot of আপনি are excited about Brittana but they don't have focus (a couple) maybe Heather and Naya pull off some Brittana moments during the episode but there's nothing that makes আপনি go awwwwnn

- Quick are pretty much in love, there's no other way to describe them in the episode
- Rachel just হারিয়ে গেছে everything so she's trying to find herself again (she's basically S4 Rachel again)
- Songs... there are 4 songs in the episode
- Kurt invites Blaine to go with him to the game (it's part of his plan to get Blaine back) but Blaine says it's not a good idea because they both know they can never be only friends
- Kurt still has the engagement ring"

That's all!! Unfortunatley she didn't say anything about David Karofsky's involvment in the Klaine storyline so i guess that hasn't been confirmed yet...?