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 The Real Face of যীশু Christ
A painting a blind girl made.
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This God ছবি might contain প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and চতুর.

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Why does it hurt to know what others don't?
Who is to know?
My হৃদয় is laying upon the floor,
shattered and broken.

I knew what no one else would know,
but to share my knowledge
would be unspeakable.
Ignorance leads them,
thinking leads me.

My বন্ধু have left.
Glaring at me with anger.
"Why did আপনি say that?
He will be very angry!"
They snarl.

I walk down to the basement,
My last paradise.
I miss a step and tumble down.
I lay there helpless,
but my thoughts begin to stir.

Death takes its toll.
I was not sent into the clouds,
Nor was it the flames below.
I was left to wonder,
In silence, I walked,

I was happy.
My thoughts had questions
I had উত্তর for them.
Suddenly I knew,
My thoughts were wrong.
Believers were wrong.

We were all wrong

"Ignorance is the only evil."
posted by rangarajvignesh
Who am I?
    I was thinking about this as I slowly made for my house. There was no one as far as I could see and that made me aware of my own presence. That was the time of twilight which had a beautiful effect on the greenery as well as the buildings that could not be explained in words. Just like answering the question: how much do আপনি প্রণয় me. A cold breeze whipped past me making my hair flutter. I dig my hands deep in my pockets and sprinted pass the church where a ঘণ্টা ding-donged. The climate was really very pleasant and that tempted me to think about very difficult...
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