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 Really is this what Blair dreams about...?" Where did she get that accent from...
Really is this what Blair dreams about...?" Where did she get that accent from...
Gossip Girl
"When আপনি lose hope in a dream sometimes all আপনি are left with are sleepless nights".

...Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford must have had fun with that dream opener!

Gossip Girl Climbs the stair a bit in 'Seder Anything' as the old twists are picked up here.

No Chuck and Vanessa scenes this time, but there were Blair and Nate.

Blair and Nate's spur of the moment প্রণয় affair well... was still there, except Blair was meshing into Nate's Aristocratic world where everything was filled of daisies and ফুলেরডালি and you're right, Blair becoming a Bride's Maid. At Least that's how it started off.

Blair seems to be losing touch with her Blitchy side lately, ... we haven't really gotten a Blair outburst lately. It's pitiful watching Blair in her dire state, unable to know what her future beholds. Even though I don't believe someone like Blair would be rejected from anything, she was a শীর্ষ notch student and worked hard for what she got. The writers are probably giving Blair a salvation plot; Blair needs to fall hard in order to rise to the top, at least I hope that's where they are going with her storyline.

How about Nate and Blair... completely unexpected huh. Well now she's holding Nate's hand through his family difficulties and finding her way to survive in that lifestyle.

Could আপনি imagine Blair competing for a position as a Brides maid? It seemed like there were bigger মাছ in the sea and Blair was drowning.

What about that Maureen, she seemed like an older Blitch. How many people choose their bridesmaids from a list, was Maureen a bit low on friends...

From the moment Nate's grandfather approached Blair about Yale for Nate, I knew things would be blown out of proportion, especially when she accepted his preposition to influence Nate on Yale and what was she getting out of it...

The Grandfather - "Tell me what are your plans for পরবর্তি year? I know আপনি pulled off college ...any word from the Junior Committee League at the Whitney?"

Blair - "Actually they didn't accept me!"

The Grandfather - "Oh I think that must be some kind of mistake I'll call Agnes Cessna immediately, she'll clear that right up!"

Surprise! Surprise!, he could help her...
Imagine a grandfather that bribes their grandsons girlfriends just to pull things in their favor, very manipulative and scary when আপনি think about it.
I am sure the old Blair would've blackmailed him for his bribery... আপনি are losing your edge Blair!

Just a hunch, but didn't আপনি think it was funny how everything worked out in his favor.

--He holds the bribery over Blaire's head and throws it in her face in the end--

--Was Blair booted out of the secretarial position on purpose to appease 'grandfather's qualm'--

--Tripp had a 'secret' lunch তারিখ with Nate easily revealing his Grandfather's dishonesty and Grandfather regains Nate's trust দ্বারা using Blair as bate--

Do আপনি think it is his way of gaining control over Nate?
Maybe he would rather choose an ideal girlfriend for him than Blair অথবা even Vanessa.
...and there is always a third party involved.
Tripp seems to be making everyone fall... (pun is intended) :) Coincidence maybe.

Eleanor and Cyrus host a ceremony and Lily invites herself over to promote Rufus' art gallery. These plot lines we could have done without.

What about Dan and his assistant.
"I really need the money"
I thought they were going to hook them up together, give him a break from Serena.

It was a good thing for Jenny's 'friend' otherwise how else would Dan have gotten a job to pay for College?

Eleanor didn't need Dan that badly, she managed fine without him.
Things would have been better without Dan and Serena's Public Display of Affection. Wouldn't Gabriel realize that Serena is trying to make him jealous...
That was really no way for Serena to treat her husband... wait Serena is married, but wait she isn't অথবা is she!
It was implied that Gabriel and পোস্ত are working up some scheme to get at Serena, but why bother? What could they get from her? Money... Fame...

That make-out scene between Serena and Gabriel was well... interrupted দ্বারা a Blair outburst...Blair seems to be crying a lot and very apologetic. Apologizing to Nate, Cyrus. It is a good thing she has Serena.

How out of place was Jenny and her new 'boy' 'friend', Wess was it?

Couldn't Jenny find other things to do with her 'friend', at least anything other than boardgames?
A late night walk together, a small party maybe? অথবা is she just settling down. I actually miss Jenny when she was almost as bad with Blair... and I really didn't like her then, but I am also not loving her now.

Chuck acts like an old rich guy enjoying his last days; drinking whiskey, having all the girls he could possible have... didn't he say he was seventeen (17)... wow! I'm sure he's fooled if not many of us, with his robes drinking his life away...

Chuck - "...then I realized I was a seventeen বছর old billionaire, with tremendous stamina"
Maybe that look works for some, but for some reason he seemed আরো pathetic than he usually is.

What about that Chuck and Jenny squabble.
Jenny - "The only human contact that আপনি don't pay for is the people in this house."

...and she was right!

Chuck finally apologized for what happened in Season one between him and Jenny... how UnChuck-like.
... at one point It looked like Jenny and Chuck were going to do something... really unexpected...
Are the Writers gearing towards a Chuck and Jenny?
...well thank goodness nothing happened!

What do আপনি think about Chuck and Jenny?


Maureen - "I have some disappointing news, The Whitney Junior Committee felt. আপনি were too new on the scene they chose Elizabeth instead"
Blair - "Your bridesmaid"
Maureen - "Give it time! When it comes to these things it takes a while to start to matter..."
Isn't that such a Blair line.

Blair - "Maureen,is already on the board of four charities and two museums and needs a personal assistant to keep track of her schedule. Not to mention being a socialite was good enough for Jackie O"
Tisk Tisk, was Blair actually settling for 'Assistant'.

Blair - "I'm Sorry but just because I হারিয়ে গেছে Yale does not mean I'm wasting my time at a non-Ivy League college পাঠ করা 'Beloved' six times and experimenting with Lesbianism"
Looks like Blair took a rain check on that snide remark about N.Y.U.

Gossip Girl
"Oh Blair too bad আপনি weren't invited to Nate and Tripp's lunch, because whatever happened looks like you're the one paying"


Not one of my পছন্দ story lines but I'll rate it a...
(For improvement this season)


Three out of Five Stars

Grade C-

For আরো reviews Check out the link below.

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“How did it all happen?” She whispered sullenly, almost breathlessly. Her vision was distorted, blurry from her tears. They were also bloodshot and her face had paled as well, sometime during her breakdown.

From the other side of the desk, the woman sat there with her head cocked to the side, portraying a face of deep concern. “Ms. Waldorf I take it that this wasn’t planned.”

Blair Waldorf kept her eyes glued to the floor. She used whatever physical strength was in her to put her arms on the armrests and lift her body into a straighter, আরো comfortable position. Instead she failed...
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