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OMG, i took these from TV.com FORUMS.



SERVER: (Drinks on tray) Miss Waldorf.

BLAIR: (Blair reaching for drink) thank you.

CHUCK: (Grabs towel standing over Blair)

BLAIR: (peeved) You are getting me wet

CHUCK: Now we're getting somewhere

BLAIR: (pushing) Yeah getting over there

SERVER: Excuse me Mr. Bass someone is here to see you.

Chuck and Blair both look.




Dan rushes in, and is immediately stopped by a BARTENDER.

HARRIS: It's alright, Joe, he's with me.

We see Harris in a booth, already drunk, working on a yellow legal pad. Dan crosses to Harris, nervous.

DAN: I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're working--

HARRIS: You wouldn't be interrupting if you'd shown up on time this morning. Something tells me you're here empty handed.

DAN: All I need is one more day--

HARRIS: One more day? The last sixty haven't been enough?

DAN: I'm sorry, sir, but I--

Dan goes to sit, to quiet Harris down, but:

HARRIS: Don't sit. You're not staying. I put myself on the line for you and now you've gone and made me look an ass.

DAN: I tried to write, I just couldn't focus. There's all the stuff going on in my life, if you'd just hear me out--

HARRIS: Excuses are for the unemployed, of which you are now one. And if you won't do your homework, than neither will I. You will receive no recommendation from me.

DAN: Working for you, it's -- it's really important to me.

HARRIS: And yet your actions have illustrated only the opposite.

Dan stares at Harris, pissed. His summer has just become a wash. He turns to walk out. Harris calls after him:

HARRIS: Drop my housekeys in the mail? That I'm sure you have time to do...




A super hot make-out session is in progress. A TIGHT SHOT OF hands running up a WOMAN'S BARE LEG> Another TIGHT SHOT of a Polo shirt rising off man's torso. That man is:

NATE: I've been waiting for this all day.

But now we see it's Catherine Mason. They are in her car, all over each other. In-between Kisses:

CATHERINE: Sorry about what I said earlier, I just don't want anyone suspecting anything.

NATE: No, it was good. Smart.

They kiss again. Another break:

CATHERINE: Serena was a little cold. Are you sure she's still okay with covering for you?

NATE: She's totally fine.

CATHERINE: But you still haven't told her anything, right?

NATE: Of course not. All she knows is I'm seeing someone I'm not ready to introduce to anyone just yet.

Catherine look says it all:

NATE: Or ever. Look, she wanted time alone to decompress from her breakup anyway. Covering for me works for her, too.

He kisses her again. A car drives past. Nate and Catherine both freeze. As nate looks out after the car:

CATHERINE: Let's get out of here before someone sees?



Dan's in a library making out with a "beautiful girl."

DAN: I've been an assistant all summer. How come I don't know you?

BEAUTIFUL GIRL: I was as his symposium at the 92nd street Y in June...

DAN: There's no way. If you were there, we would have met.
The reading ends behind them. We hear sounds of clapping. Beautiful Girl writes her number on Dan's hand:

BEAUTIFUL GIRL: No we can meet whenever you want.

She walks off, passing the arriving Harris, who notes her.



CHUCK: Girls, you don't know how thankful I am to have finally found a use for geomety in daily life.

Suddenly, sand is kicked in Chuck's face by a passing Serena. The girls immediately brush it off him. Serena's walking. As the beauties start to doff their bikini tops:

BRAZILIAN BEAUTY: Oh, Mr. Chuck, we can work on our tans here, yes?

CHUCK: (Smiling) Oh yes.

Suddenly, Chucks phone dings. He picks it up. We SEE it's a Gossip Girl blast with a photo of Blair. Chuck reads it, and his face falls:


SPOTTED: Blair Waldorf at CDG, claiming her priemere space in L'Espaca Priemere a whole week early. Now what could make Queen B abandon her two dads and come home une minute before Labor Day? I have a million questions, but I bet Chuck Bass is the answer to all of them...

BRAZILIAN BEAUTY: Mr. Chuck, is there something you need care taking of?

Chuck pockets his phone (and all thoughts of Blair) with:

CHUCK: The only thing I need to take care of is you. And you. And you.



HOT LIFEGUARD: Serena, right?

SERENA: (Smiling) Yes. Hi.

HOT LIFEGUARD: I've been watching you all summer. just trying to get up the nerve to ask you out.

SERENA: I'm flattere, really, but... I'm sort of seeing someone.

HOT LIFEGUARD: I'm sorry. I usually see you here alone.
SERENA: Right. Well...the truth is, I used to be seeing someone. And even after spending the entire summer, here, alone, I'm not really ready to think about anyone else.

HOT LIFEGUARD: (Nods) At least I gave it a shot.
SERENA: Yeah. And...and thanks. As he leaves, Serena is alone, watching the sunset. END SIDE


Spoilers have emerged from the first Hamptons-based episode of The CW's delicious teen soap "Gossip Girl" which kicks off its sophomore year on September 1. The episode featuring a shirtless shot of Chace Crawford's character Nate in his underwear will be filled with steamy, but secretive summer sex.

Nathaniel Archibald turns into a boy toy as he begins a secret affair with a married older woman named Catherine Mason. But as the couple get together for yet another hot appointment of afternoon sex, Catherine panics at the sound of her huisband's car pulling into driveway.

Meanwhile, Dan (Penn Badgley) gets a little make-out action of his own as he seduces a beautiful girl at the library where he assists Sebastian Harris, a man described by the writers as a "literary lion." But the apprenticeship comes to an abrupt end, when Dan lets Sebastian down.

The season premiere episode will begin shooting in New York later this month.


Hope you are sitting down for this and have a paper bag to breathe into because I'm hearing the future is not looking good for Dan and Serena. Gaaahhh! I know, I know, come here and I'll hold you. Sources tell me that in season two, Dan and Serena will be up and down and all around and everywhere except happy coupledom. The crazy-good news, though? Bluck or Chair or whatever you want to call them are so on. Apparently, the producers have noticed the crazy-good chemistry that lies within that naughty-by-nature duo, and there'll be much more of them ahead. I'm actually told they will be "the couple" moving forward. (Holler if you're happy in the comments! I'll meet you there.)

In the season premiere, we'll see that there is a lady in Nate's life, and she's all kinds of trouble, and she's...not Serena. (Or Blair!) More on that in the next Watch With Kristin Show. I'm also hearing there'll be some new characters next season. They're casting for the season premiere as we speak, and Dan has a summer job working for a Norman Mailer type.

Source: E!'s Watch With Kristen


So, what do you guys think!?

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বছরখানেক আগে Shandiii said…
This is all crazy-weird to me. lol. I have to keep re-reading everything.
বছরখানেক আগে Shandiii said…
I'm not sure how Blair and Chuck are going to be "so on" when he's hanging out with a bunch of girls on the beach that aren't Blair.
Like yeah, they'll eventually get together, but wtf happened?????!!?!?!? And why can't they be together right away? Drama I guess. But, this is crazy. He just told her he loved her, he told Nate he loved her. wtfwtfwtf? I need to see this.

As for Nate/Old Married lady= ew. That's weird and very random. I want to know why he's hooking up with her in a car. Hello, ever heard of hotels???

Dan making out with random girl in library: also random!

Serena feelings sad about not being with Dan, and turning down a guy because of it: Yes! I like this! I might start liking Serena now! I hope Dan realizes he misses her too...
বছরখানেক আগে Praesse said…
IKR, chuck and the girls is really WTF?!
Lol, it's all for drama, because they will obviously get together before episode 4.
বছরখানেক আগে Shandiii said…
Yeah, freaking drama. lol.
But I'm confused so like Blair and Chuck are together because he gets her "wet" or whatever, but then he's also lying on the beach with a bunch of Brazilian girls. So weird... I need to know what happens!!!! lol.
বছরখানেক আগে kirsty179 said…
Great Spoilers!!! Nate with Older Woman??? and love the Chuck and Blair spoilers.
বছরখানেক আগে AnnaK said…
Hmm...So when they are talking about Serena covering for Nate, they are actually implying that she and him have some kind of fake relationship going on?

And I agree with you guys the whole marriage-affair thing and dan's making out is just really random and so unlikely for both characters...

my guess is that the affair will come out eventually, causing a lot of trouble and i do hope that dan will realize how much he loves serena and that despise all the spoilers,the two of them will get together

and as for chuck and blair: i guess they wil have some a troublesome relationship,but they will acually work it out!
বছরখানেক আগে Praesse said…
Either I'm crazy or this spoilers make me happy even though B&C are kind of not perfectly fine.
বছরখানেক আগে Shandiii said…

"Spoiler 1: We had enough of Serena, it's time for Blair's spotlight now!

According to the GG director, he states that "Since the first season was about Serena and her past, were moving onto Blair. Were going to see her struggling with a eating disorder, her relationship with her gay father and her straight mother, Nate, and telling with the fact that she had to grow up with a beautiful best friend, leaving her the ugly duckling" Also, E! News concluded that "Blair and Chuck will be a major couple in season 2" JUICY! Hoping there's a another limo scene!

Spoiler 2: NOPE! Danera is not getting back together.

On the season finale, it was the end of Dan and Serena's somehow serious relationship, and they will stay that way. E! News states that "Serena and Dan will not be a couple in season 2, although, there are parts of the script where there alone together. But there not going to kiss and make up that easily"

Spoiler 3: EXCLUSIVE! Lines from GG script found!

I don't know the specfic website where this was found (my friend e-mailed it to me) but I'll type it in anyway! It's a scene with Blair and Chuck..fighting.

Blair: Did you sleep with her or not?!?!?!

Chuck: *silent, avoiding eye contact with Blair*

Blair: I'm done. (Takes her coat and walks out of the room)

Spoiler 4: Drug Overdose?!?!

A GG fan website member says that a person from gossipgirl will overdose on drugs, leading them to the hospital. They say the person will not die, but will leave for rehab. The member also says that this incident will probably happen on the season finale on Season 2 of GG. Here's some clues to find who the "drug overdose person" is...

1. It isn't a girl
2. It can either be one of the main charaters of the show, or someone completly diffrent.
3. This person just recently started using drugs


From FanBolt.com forum"
বছরখানেক আগে Shandiii said…
Spoiler 1: Yay, I'm excited to see more of Blair. But that's kind of horrible that they labled her as the "ugly duckling", she's so freaking beautiful!!

Spoiler 2: Maybe it's a good thing that they won't be getting back together this season... it will be exciting to see the couple all get switched up.

Spoiler 3: Well, obviously this won't last long, since the first spoiler says that they will be together. Still, first she dates Nate and he cheats on her, and now she's with Chuck and it seems like he will cheat on her. :( Poor Blair. I feel so bad for her.

Spoiler 4: Hmmmmmmm. If this is anything like the books I would guess it will be Nate who has the drug problem...

What do you guys think????
last edited বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Praesse said…
I doubt that the spoiler 4 is true because WTF!? they already know the finale of season 2? That's like REALLY UNLIKELY.

Spoiler 1: YAY! And yes, BLAIR IS UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL, I mean, she's way hotter than Serena.

Spoiler 2: YAY! They were getting dull... Althought, I doubt about this one too. I mean, probably they won't be together at the beggining nor at the middle, but they will eventually have to work things up and, again, very unlikely that they already know the ending.

Spoiler 3: OMFG, NO! I will just choose not to believe this one.
বছরখানেক আগে Praesse said…
Spoiler 3 is a déjà vu of Serena/Dan's conversation on 1x17, another reason for not believing that one lol
বছরখানেক আগে Shandiii said…
You're right about the conversation, I totally didn't think of that.
Hmmmmm, why do I always find the crappy spoilers? I suck.

Yeah, knowing the end of the season 2 already would be weird.
Plus unless it's a new character I really doubt they would get rid of someone. Eric just got out of a treatment center, I'd doubt they would through him right back in. And if they did, I'd be mad.
বছরখানেক আগে Praesse said…
Hey, it's not that your spoilers are crappy, it's just that I don't like them so I'm searching for every contradictions as possible. LOL
I really don't want to believe that conversation between Chuck&Blair, and I would be mad if Eric left the show too...
বছরখানেক আগে mcrfan1516 said…
i think the blair and chuck conversation might just be like their first one of S2, hopefully. i could picture it happening.

:sigh: These spoilers are so mindboggling but cool. :)