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A picture of the Gossip Girl Cast Members :)
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Today begins the end of gossip girl and I’m gonna miss THE guy who made us fall in প্রণয় with ♥
” And আপনি ARE?
CHUCK খাদ the প্রণয় of her life …
anyone else is just a waste of time”

chuck and blair. 5 years of epic love.
iheartchuckandblair :

‎”You were amazing up there” ”You sure?” ”Do আপনি like me?” ”Define Like” ”So আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি loved her.” ”You don’t belong with Nate. Never have never will.” ”Three words, eight letters, say it and I’m yours” ”I…I..””We’re Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. The darkest thing you’ve ever did.The darkest thought...
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A/N: hope আপনি enjoy this one. remeber to review loe to hear what আপনি think.

Tonight I’m gonna do
Everything that I want with you
Everythin that u need
Everything that u want I wanna honey
I wanna stunt with you
From the window
To the wall
Gonna give u, my all
Winter n summertime
When I get আপনি on the springs
Imma make আপনি fall
You got that body
That make me wanna get on the boat
Just to see আপনি dance
And I প্রণয় the way আপনি shake that ass
Turn around and let me see them pants
You stuck with me
I’m stuck with...
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GG- Up and at them Upper East Siders, word has it that one Chuck খাদ will be waiting on the প্রণয় of his life to meet him at the শীর্ষ of The Empire State Building, However Miss Waldorf has been seen with new hunk, is this the definite end for the golden couple?

Beep, beep. Her hand সরানো over to her বিছানা side cabinet to turn her phone off, but on her way over she felt something পরবর্তি to her, She slowly began to open her eyes, scared of what she might find and there he was Cameron, in her bed, NAKED. “Oh Shit!” she muttered under her breath. She climbed out her bed, grabbed her phone and walked...
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Post: Mid-Season 3, when "Uncle" Jack comes back
Summary: Just less then a বছর ago, Jack had হারিয়ে গেছে the company to Chuck, with the help of Lilly. He nearly got his revenge on Lilly in 2x16 "You've Got Yale," but luckily, Chuck had come to the rescue. But did they think with just one punch, Jack would *poof* dissapear? If they did, big mistake; they shouldn't have.
"Bass, exactly what do আপনি think you're doing?" Blair asked him slightly confused, wondering why he was rummaging through her drawers.

"I হারিয়ে গেছে my keys," Chuck grumbled trying to keep his focus on finding his keys as he went through...
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Getting There

A/N: So sorry for the slowness, I've been আরো busy than I thought. School work is just getting worse these days but Wow! I actually have no lessons today I may as well have stayed home, but I have an art class in my lunch ঘন্টা I mean what is the point! So I just wrote this all দিন today, it was a very slow day. Anyway I just filled up on chubby foods- my God I'm gonna be like so chubby when I finish this but whatever I do enough sports to work it off. So anyway just enjoy. Thanks for reading. Xoxo

Rating: T

Copyright: I own Nothing, Apart from my original characters.

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Gossip Girl's third season premieres this Monday on the CW and the অনুরাগী are rabid. With the swine flu, sorry, H1N1 virus already posing a public threat, the last thing we need is a rabies epidemic infecting the population. I've come up with a solution to this particular strain of Gossip Girl rabies, and it's sooo much better than getting a shot.Two days ago, I began posting portions of my interview with Gossip Girl writer and co-executive producer, Josh Safran. So far, he has covered everything from leaked kisses to কুইন misses. Today, in the final installation, Josh administers the very last...
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A Million প্রণয় Songs Later

A/N: Oh my Days!! People I প্রণয় আপনি guys!!! Thank আপনি so much for all the মতামত on the last chapter. I প্রণয় আপনি all আপনি have all প্রদত্ত me so much আরো confidence now and I feel so much আরো motivated to write these now. Sorry for bugging আপনি all about it but it paid off right? Anyway I hope আপনি enjoyed it. Anyway my exams are nearly over, got three to go then it's SUMMER!! Woo hoo! We've been going to the সৈকত so much lately I think I went four times in the last week. It's just so gorgeous weather here! Anyway enjoy this chapter and please comment, thank আপনি I...
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posted by Yankeesam32935
Friendly Encounters- Chapter Eleven

This chapter is rated VM for VERY MATURE.

Her mind screamed, YES! Was he finally going to give into her and spare them both the agony of waiting. “Sex? Are আপনি serious?”
Chuck moved closer to her. “Yes, I have never been আরো fucking serious in my entire life. Do আপনি still want me?” He breathed into her ear.
His hot breath fanned her ear, and she felt the need to sit down on her বিছানা before her legs gave out and she went crashing onto the floor. “Chuck, I need to know now if we’re really going to go through with it this time. You’re not going to...
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Two

What the hell was he going to do with Blair? He couldn’t believe that she had dumped all of her বন্ধু like that and then what she had done to Nate had been inexcusable. Chuck knew she was serious about letting everyone know that she was totally a different person then everyone thought she was.
But he still wasn’t going to have sex with her like she thought he would. He would never sacrifice his friendship with Nate for Blair. He might desire her a little bit but that was all. There were always other women available. Who needed Blair Waldorf?
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A/N: Okay I totally LOVE Lily Allen's new song 'The Fear' so I thought I'd take lyrics from the song and use as a fanfic base for this one shot. I've taken a break from লেখা cos I've finished the Chuck and Blair Chronicles so I'm just waiting to post, But boredness+Me= Writing! :( Don't know if this style of লেখা স্যুইটস্‌ me অথবা not, So give me your opinion. Thank you. Hope আপনি like it.
A/U: Okay so I read Lauren's (ChuckBlairLuvA) one shot fanfic the other দিন and I totally loved it and the idea of a future setting so this scene is set some time in the future, When Blair is leaving for Yale,...
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 Back from holiday...!!!
Back from holiday...!!!

It's been around 2 weeks since Ed and Leighton's মাস holiday in England, (they got back to NYC 2 weeks ago)
At Leighton's apartment. Her and Seb are hanging out.
They are watching a DVD on the TV, Seb is cuddled up to her and is being very affectionate...Leighton isn't able to concentrate on the movie...every time there is a প্রণয় scene in the movie, Seb gets আরো touchy with her whilst all she can think about is Ed.
The movie finally finishes, Seb begins to চুম্বন her and she forces herself to allow it and চুম্বন him back. They continue to চুম্বন until Seb attempts to remove her clothes, which...
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Found this and wanted to share (:

There comes a time in every TV fan's life when আপনি just gotta stop, drop what you're doing and let out a nice, big... Squeee!

Today is such a দিন because in just a few hours, this season's most addictive guilty pleasure returns to our living rooms: the CW's Gossip Girl.

First, a little exclusive casting news: The CW confirms that Lydia Hearst (heiress of William Randolph Hearst and daughter of Patricia Hearst) will be guest starring in the season finale of GG. She plays Amelia, an interior designer for Bart and Lily’s apartment and has a “moment” with Chuck...
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