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Spottedtail139 posted on Nov 25, 2012 at 01:33AM
As new leader it is my job to list the allegiances:

Mossstar {Spottedtail139} a white she cat with blue gray clumps and clear blue eyes
Apprentice- Mistypaw

Starleg{ Smarttone123} a fluffy dark grey she cat with a white star shaped birthmark on leg with amber eyes

Alpha Warrior

Medicine Cat
Mapleleaf-Brown with dark stripes she-cat with Green eyes

Deerspirt {smartone123} pretty brown she-cat with a pinkish tint with a small fluffy tail and a white chest, paws and muzzle with amber eyes.

Starleg {smartone123} a fluffy dark grey she-cat with a white star-shaped birth mark on leg with amber eyes.
Hiddenpath {JustBe4} grey Tom with a white strike the fades to grey and has stunning golden eyes
Stormwind {KatieK102}very handsome with a shortish pitch black pelt with a little white spot on his stomach

Mistypaw {KatieK102} bluish grey with faint stripes beautiful she cat
Winterpaw {Spottedtail139} bright white with golden eyes with spiked fur and streaks of blue-grey
Tansypaw {Smarttone123} long haired gray white tabby she cat with bright green blue eyes
Razorpaw- White she-cat with black stripes and spots with frosty blue eyes and long sharp claws that are always out because he lost the ability to sheath and unsheathe them
Hawkpaw- reddish pelt with faint stripes green eyes very handsome

(If warriors could retire, elders be reborn and some cats comment more and maybe take on another position in the clan that would be appreciated. NOTE: If you are not on in a period, you will be cut from the allegiances.)

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