Into the Dare Contest between Dipper and Stan Pines, the latter dares Dipper to skateboard to Greasy's ভোজনকারী and back to the Mystery Shack, completely naked. "How naked?" Dipper asked Stan. He replied fourth base, meaning "no hat, no shoes, no socks, nada". "What about the ladies?" asked a concerned Dipper. Stan threatens to declare Dipper a "chicken for life". He also points out that Dipper will wake up to "Good Morning, Chicken", and he would also cluck "Here Comes the Bride", while holding up his middle finger, when Dipper gets married. However, not wanting to be threatened, Dipper throws in his hat, strips down, and accepts the dare.

As Dipper was halfway done with his dare, he was caught দ্বারা Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, telling him to "stop in the name of squeamishness". Dipper loses his balance when one of his wheels get shot, and crashes into one of the windows, where the Corduroys are eating at. The police try to get Dipper off the window, explaining that "it's the law that people wear clothes in public". They eventually cuff him to a pole, where ঘাস (luckily) covers his genitals.

"Don't leave me out here like this!" Dipper yelled. Blubs told him not to worry, as they brought a friend to keep him company for the time being. He laughed at the naked Dipper until his mother came, who also laughed. When Soos came to Greasy's ভোজনকারী in his pick-up truck, along with Mabel and Stan. Dipper admitted to Soos and the police that Stan was the one who made him do this. "If this is true," ordered Sheriff Blubs "you better owe him an apology". Stan fake cried, claiming that it was Dipper's idea in the first place, and that he should control him. They let Dipper off the hook, saying that "if it happens again, they'll be going to court."

"You have my clothes, right?" Dipper asked Stan. Mabel had Dipper's shirt, socks, and everything he needed. "You didn't bring my pants?!" Dipper was dismayed. "I'm not Tommy Bahama" Stan explained to Dipper. It was the worst দিন for Dipper, দ্বারা far.