Ok, this may look like I´m obsessed! I´m not...really. I don´t even know why I wrote this! But I´m sure I´m not the first to do something like that and hopefully not the last. I simply like MerDer very much and they became my favourite TV screen couple very fast. English is not my first languague so I apologize for all mistakes and stupid sentences construction :D.
This wasn´t supposed to be like...scenes-related but then I couldn´t help it. I think that those moments between them are exactly what we like on MerDer.

So, why do we প্রণয় MerDer? :D

Because addicted ones can find so many reasons.
Because they were the very first couple on Grey´s.
Because opening of the প্রদর্শনী like that was just great!
Because they have great chemistry.
Because they´re overrated but WHO CARES???!!!
Because we প্রণয় the way he looks at her.
Because they´ve gone through lots of drama and even when we say how badly we want them to be together all happy and shiny, we enjoy watching drama and even আরো that make-up moments!
Because they were just cute, funny and hot with their flirting they were always doing despite of everything.
Because meeting her in the bar changed his life.
Because Derek wanted Meredith to take advantage of him again.
Because of the line: „You´re an attending. And I´m your intern. Stop looking at me like that!“ „Like what?“ „Like you´ve seen me naked!“
Because she told him to stop looking at her couple of times after this and he never did it.
Because Meredith helped Derek with a patient he didn´t know what do with and she scrubbed on her very first surgery with him.
Because of all the patients she helped him with later.
Because she´s dark and twisty and he needs her so much anyway.
Because she wasn´t just a thrill of the chase.
Because she has tiny ineffectual fists and he likes her hair.
Because we all like his hair! :D
Because he „took her for a ride“.
Because Bailey catched them and it was hilarious. :D
Because he loves feryboats (don´t know why, I just had to put it here :D).
Because he was drowning and she saved him.
Because she was drowning and he saved her.
Because that resuscitation performed in „Drowning On Dry Land“ was the best EVER!
Because when she learned that he was married, after a while she admitted that she couldn´t hate him and kissed him in front of the hospital.
Because, despite of how strange it could seem for Meredith´s personality, because he was her attending and she didn´t want to go out with him first, because he was married and broke her heart, she was the first to say „I প্রণয় you“.
Because she admitted that she´s not over him and ব্যক্ত „Pick me. Choose me. প্রণয় me.“
Because even when they weren´t together it didn´t seem like it.
Because he comforted her in supply closet when she was hyperventilating.
Because he was still McDreamy.
Because she couldn´t deal with Addison having her McDreamy, McDog and McLife.
Because Addison really wasn´t “ the SHE he was asking for“.
Because she imagined Derek being with her in that অথবা when she had her hand stuck in the body cavity with a bomb inside.
Because he told her that it´s gonna be okay and she can do this.
Because he was jealous of Viper, Finn, George and even Steve.
Because he wanted to spend বড়দিন with her.
Because he hit Mark with his 2-million-dollars-a-year hand when he saw him just talking to her.
Because the only two people in the hospital who don´t know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith.
Because they were sharing a dog.
Because when their dog died, they almost held hands.
Because she was ব্রেভ enough when he was behaving like a jerk and told him that he has no right to call her a whore.
Because he was looking at her when she was coming downstairs in her prom dress.
Because he after all COULDN´T STOP LOOKING AT HER.
Because she wasn´t alright and he AGAIN came to check her .
Because she can´t breathe with him looking at her like it!
Because she drives him crazy.
Because she makes it impossible for him to feel normal and sick to his stomach thinking about a veterinatian touching her with his hands.
Because they slept together in exam room on a prom and we all LOVED it!!!
Because he did the Nasty Nasty with her and all he could do was standing there all McGuilty and asking „What does this mean?“
Because she couldn´t find her panties.
Because he came to visit her after the bomb-thing and so after the prom night.
Because she asked „What does this mean?“
Because when he finally admitted that „He´s in প্রণয় with her forever“ and when he had a choice to make, he chose wrong, he made her cry.
Because their dating was funny.
Because Meredith´s speech to Derek and Finn at the end of „Sometimes a Fantasy“ was even funnier.
Because when he heard „Holy crap, are আপনি pregnant?!“ he ran down the stairs immediatly.
Because Bailey ব্যক্ত to him „Wait, you´ve done enough already.“ :D
Because he could have been the only possible father to McBaby.
Because Meredith chose Derek over Finn knowing that he´s gonna hurt her again but also that he´s the one.
Because they got back together again at Joe´s.
Because he was cheating with crosswords exactly like he ব্যক্ত before.
Because Derek knew that it was Ellis, who broke Meredith and knew that it´s gonna be hard, but wanted to be with her anyway.
Because he´s her knight in shining whatever.
Because everybody knows how much he loves her, that´s why the chief blew him off the trauma room and Addie comforted him.
Because he cried for her and not just once.
Because he layed on the hospital বিছানা to hold her and that was lovely.
Because she wasn´t the greatest partner for him but did the best she could.
Because she´s the প্রণয় of his life.
Because she wasn´t really ready to give up Derek (and she´ll probably never be ;)).
Because their break up-kiss (and sex) was hot!
Because he wanted to go to Winecountry with her.
Because he wants to marry her, have kids with her and die in the age of 110 in her arms.
Because he really didn´t want 48 uninterrupted hours. He wanted a lifetime.
Because she didn´t want him to তারিখ another women.
Because he was planning a house for them.
Because when she was working with Derek, all she could think about was his tongue (in her mouth).
Because when he slept with Rose all he could think about was Meredith.
Because Beth asked if they ever „did it“ and they answered „Like...we two together?“
Because he already did it and she did it too.
Because the case of last two clinical trial patients made them closer again.
Because after the clinical trial was succesful, he was looking for her and she was looking for him.
Because Meredith finally was whole and healed and did something we would never expect from her.
Because she built the house of candles on his land.
Because I can´t imagine where she got all that candles, but it was SOOOO SWEET AND STUNNING!
Because she was so cute freaking out for nothing.
Because she was there only to tell him that THIS is their kitchen, THIS is living room and OVER THERE is the room where their kids could play.
Because he was looking for bedroom.
Because she wants and will try to trust him.
Because they can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.
Because he couldn´t listen to her monologue anymore and just...cut her off :))).
Because that last 5 মিনিট of S4 finale were really one of best EVER!
Because they finally moved in together and he accepted that her বন্ধু are her real family.
Because he tried to comfort her and danced.
Because Meredith doesn´t see things black and white.
Because mothers don´t প্রণয় Meredith, but Derek´s mother thinks she´s good for him.
Because he understands that Cristina is Meredith´s person.
Because their শিশুরা will have Alzheimer´s but they will be chatty, they will have suicidal tendencies but they will be cute, and they will have perfect hair but বিভক্ত করা ends :D.
Because she was afraid that he wouldn´t want শিশুরা with her and her crappy DNA.
Because this line was maybe the most hilarious and adorable in whole season: „Meredith, I want your crappy babies.“ :D
Because she´s grown so much and stood up for him when he couldn´t deal with death of his patient.
Because he didn´t walk away from his gift.
Because he proposed in elevator with all those scans reminding what they´ve gone through together, and she ব্যক্ত yes!
Because they both don´t like big weddings.
Because they want to get married in স্ক্রাব অথবা naked in the field.
Because she´ll make a beautiful bride.
Because that dress wasn´t for her but she´ll make a beautiful bride anyway.
Because they will (HOPEFULLY :p) go on honeymoon to Bahamas :D.
Because they´ll প্রণয় each other, even when they hate each other.
Because they promised no আরো running ever.
Because they promised to take care of each other even old, smelly and senile.
Because if Meredith gets Alzheimers and forgets Derek, he´ll make her remember him everyday.
Because they wrote their wedding vows on a blue post-it and put it in the locker which seems totally antiromantic but...it wasn´t (because then he kissed the bride :D).
Because whole MerDer on the first sight seems like totally antiromantic couple, but they are after all EPIC.
Because after whole 100 episodes they are finally the happy ones.
Because they are now „newly weds“ :D.
Because the one night stand she was determinated to forget became the প্রণয় of her life <3.
Because life walks mystery paths...and this sounds exactly like MerDer inspired someone to say it .
Because they are just unique!
Because imagine Grey´s without MerDer...it´s impossible.