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posted by GA-19
Spoiler bonus: Following this scene, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) starts stealing patients for Seattle Grace, since it is no longer the No. 1 teaching hospital, and they need to up their trauma ranking. Also, late in the episode, a very cranky chief (James Pickens Jr.) gets angry about the ranking situation and goes off on one of the people in this scene like he has never gone off before. You—and the person he yells at—will be stunned.

Spoiler bonus: Even though Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and George (T.R. Knight) seem to be getting cozy, she finds out he slept with the other Grey…and that throws...
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Awesome site in my opinion. great quotes, pictures, videos, and season recaps. the site is new and lookign for members. its free to join.. i highly recomend it to all greys anatomy fans. আপনি wont be disappointed. its a very professional site and i reccomend that everyone visits it aspap.

Question: Can আপনি tell me if Derek gets hurt in the Grey's Anatomy season premiere?
Ausiello: Judging দ্বারা that infamous promo, ABC certainly wants আপনি to think that, right? Well, allow me to clear things up for আপনি -- দ্বারা way of a multiple-choice quiz! (Why should ABC's promo department have all the fun?) I can নিশ্চিত that two of the following take place in the Sept. 25 season premiere -- one for real and the other in Meredith's imagination (the other two are outright foilers).
A) Rose stabs Derek.
B) Derek suffers a হৃদয় attack and is visited দ্বারা the ghost of Denny.
C) Dr. Burke returns to Seattle...
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I think that she is going over the শীর্ষ wanting to only do চলচ্চিত্র a bit cuz Knocked Up and 27 Dresses weren’t exactly the best চলচ্চিত্র out there. I think she’s being kinda conceited cuz I mean if it weren’t for Grey’s Anatomy nobody would know her. I don’t know whether she should leave অথবা stay, my only concern is how would they make her character leave without it being completely random? They’d have to invent a whole new story line. Which might make the প্রদর্শনী interesting, but still it’s hard to determine that. I think that withdrawing from the Emmy nomination was in her eyes and...
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I found that in one forum. xD

Because he flew to Seattle twice just to be w/ her
Because she's not guilty anymore (from Oh, The Guilt)
Because they lived together in NY
Because he wanted a room on the same floor as hers
Because they are far from being over
Because he didn't go back to NY
Because it was not all just about sex
Because they are a beautiful destaster
Because it wasnt a game
Because "He Did"
Because She's worth it
Because they're both THAT good. Especially together
Because we all know they make the best kind of dirty
Katherine Heigl is quickly earning the reputation for being one of Hollywood’s most difficult divas.

The Grey’s Anatomy তারকা has come under আগুন on the set of her latest movie Five Killers for being “extremely unprofessional,” flaking on meetings and making ridiculous demands.

Apparently the 30-year-old তারকা has been demanding that she be flown দ্বারা private plane to and from the film’s international locations, and has also requested “crazy amounts of security.”

But the rumors hardly end there.

According to an extra on the film 27 Dresses, “Heigl reportedly refused to film any scenes...
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Eric was shocked that Meredith had told Derek the truth about their wedding day. Jason was looking অগ্রবর্তী to his birthday even though his parents were divorced. Meredith honored their custody agreement which had প্রদত্ত her custody in their divorce. Addison was over Derek and in প্রণয় with Mark. Meredith had no idea that Eric wanted them to give him a good birthday. Her life with Derek was better than the life she had lived with Eric.
No one had any idea that a major ferryboat accident had been hit. "All residents gather your interns and head to awaiting amublances! Attendings follow!" ordered...
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posted by ItComesToThis
 Full cast of doctors scrubbing in this season.
Full cast of doctors scrubbing in this season.
We already have the first twelve episode names revealed, so if আপনি don't want to know, read no further.
I'm not sure where this information is from, because I found it on a site from our country and it was obviously copied from somewhere else.
Anyway, I think these are the name of episodes that will air this year, then there'll probably be a বড়দিন break and in 2011 we will see episodes 13-24. Just my conclusion :).

7x01 With আপনি I'm Born Again
7x02 Shock to the System
7x03 Surfing the Void
7x04 The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes
7x05 Crossfire
7x06 Mary
7x07 The Catalyst
7x08 Victims of Ourselves...
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Okay people, so I'm basically going to rant about the Merder engagement because honestly I feel like killing someone if I don't get this out.

So, (once upon a time...lol) on the week thatb the episode 'Elevator প্রণয় Letter' is gonna be aired, my FREAKN' internet decided to turn RETARDED- which basically means it won't load another site other than Google, which means no Fanpop, no ইউটিউব ad no nothing basically. THEREFORE, I couldn't watch the episode online (not to mention downloading it) But আপনি know, I thought 'well hey! it can be worse right? I mean i can always get my other বন্ধু to download...
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Gosh, Grey's has got to have one of the best soundtracks ever!!! can't really choose a পছন্দ among them. hmm, all i know is that my তালিকা would include, The Fear আপনি Won't Fall দ্বারা Joshua Radin, Chasing Cars দ্বারা Snow Patrol and Big as the Sky দ্বারা AM Sixty...how about you? which songs do আপনি like?

posted by SkullCandy143
What if Meredith and derek didnt get married? What if derek and rose didnt bake up? Would Meredith moved on? Would derek want her too?


meredith laying in বিছানা felling like shes gonna die

Christina: আপনি cannot be serious? are আপনি really gonna wait for McAss to প্রদর্শনী up on আপনি doorstep kock on your door with his take me back McDreamy eyes and দুশ্চরিত্রা baby tear so he can take আপনি to a magical surgical world?

meredith: was i wrong to brake up with derek?

Christina: Wait let me supportive...

Meredith: Well...

Christina: Wat? me being supportive...
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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had break up sex, Norman Shales (Edward Herrmann) was the world's oldest intern, Thatcher Grey chose Lexie (Chyler Leigh) over Meredith, Richard's (James Pickens) niece knew she was dying, Alex (Justin Chambers) kissed Izzie (Katherine Heigl) but she pulled away, and George (T.R. Knight) told Callie (Sara Ramirez) that he slept with Izzie.

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy picks up right after George's confession to Callie. She simply says that she forgives him. He made a mistake, but they took vows, so she forgives him....
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Alright, we all were amazed and our jaws were open at the end of season 6 because of it's two ঘন্টা season finale, and now, as we are awaiting the return of this amazing show, a season 7 premiere date, and the first episode's শিরোনাম of ssn7 has been released also!


So, here is the best part: Season Seven of GREY'S ANATOMY will air this September 29th, of 2010 so BE READY PEOPLE because Season Seven will be a definite knockout!
posted by laughingGrl
i got this from entertainment weekly. it is written bylynette rice. i took out some and stuff in [] is me () is her. ... means i took something out.

the grey's anatomy doctors leave the অথবা and begin their familiar trek down one of seattle Grace's drab hallways, and a few সেকেন্ড later, they clasp hands [me:derek and mer]... derek slowly massages the শীর্ষ of Meedith's hand; the motion becomes আরো vigorous until he's practically fubbing off her skin. (in a seductive way, of course.) pompeo comletely loses her cool and steps out of character. giggling, she makes a beeline ot the director and holds...
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Everything seems to be going wrong for Izzie Stevens. Just when Shonda Rimes tricks us into thinking she has found the perfect man and is finally on the right track, something knocks her back.

The original Izzie & HSCD/DH (Hot Stud Cruelly Dumped/Dumped Her), Alex & Izzie seemed to be great for each other, and had all the right things in common: 1) They're both Hot, 2) They both like doing the nasty-nasty. However, Izzie wasn't enough to wake up Alex' "beast" and it took Olivia Harper to, erm, satsify him.

Here, Alex seems to be a HSCD. Without the Cruelly, heck, he deserved it....
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"After a six-year Grey’s Anatomy stint marked দ্বারা almost as many controversies as triumphs, Katherine Heigl is thisclose to getting what she has long desired: a discharge.Sources নিশ্চিত to me exclusively that series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release the fast-rising movie তারকা from her contract. It’s now up to ABC Studios and Heigl’s reps to কাটা out a final exit agreement. (A rep for ABC Studios declined to comment. Coincidentally, as of today Heigl is without a publicist.) Why is this all coming down now? That’s where things get interesting…

After taking আরো than half of...
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Okay, everyone say's oh Grey's Anatomy this and Grey's Anatomy that but for what it is worth (nothing to anyone, but everything to me) I really am obsessed with Grey's. I really relate to everyone and I feel as if the প্রদর্শনী is real. Every one love's Meredith and Derek and I প্রণয় them both (especially Derek) but there are some actors who are really sensitive and really catch and প্রদর্শনী the emotion of the show. My mom first showed me Grey's Anatomy when I was like 5. I am now 13 and i have watched all 7 1/2 seasons at least 20 times over. When I was like 8 i really stared watching and getting into...
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posted by greysislove
Well, obviously the 100th episode will be the setting for a wedding. But now I'm thinking it might still be Meredith and Derek getting married. Nobody ever specifically ব্যক্ত that the wedding was going to be in the May 7th episode. Maybe, it is postponed to the season finale because of complications with Izzie অথবা something else like that. I really think that the writers were just trying to trick us all along into thinking that any other couple will get married on May 7th. Plus, they've pretty much eliminated everyone else except for Alex and Izzie, who were the obvious choice in the first place. And maybe when they say that it isn't Meredith and Derek getting married, they mean just in that May 7th episode.......never excluded the finale! Sorry, kinda just thought about this! I'm a big MerDer অনুরাগী and I really want them to get married this season!!!!
posted by JenniferDempsey
Our beloved Grey's returns on April 24th in America on ABC.
Btw thats a Thursday Night as before.
It returns for 5 brand new episodes and Kate Walsh (Addison)guest stars in one of those episodes.
I personally cant wait.

On the Grey's offical blog Shonda wrote this :

Oh my God, WE ARE BACK!

We are. Really. SERIOUSLY. Writers are লেখা away and we’re all very excited about getting back to our Mer and our Der and our Iz and our…well, our EVERYBODY.

It has not been so fun to be away from our বন্ধু at Seattle Grace. Remember when George walked the strike line? It was kinda like that. Only without...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
Meredith walked into Derek's room and rubbed his hair with her hand as Derek looked up at her with his twinkling blue eyes. " Hey" Meredith said. " Hey" Derek ব্যক্ত back.Meredith started to get tears in her eyes looking at Derek imagining thats what their baby would have looked like. And like never before a rush of sadness rushed over her and she started to cry " What is it Mer" asked Derek not knowing Meredith had had a miscarrige only a few hours পূর্বে he hadn't even known she was pregenat. " Baby Mcdreamy." "What do আপনি mean Meredith?" " I was pregnant I went to tell u but u were all angry...
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