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One morning at 7am..
Gwen: Cody get up it's 7am! your gonna be late for work!
Cody: It's ok babes I'm not going to work today
Gwen: -sighs- আপনি COULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER!
Cody: I'm sorry I'm sorry
Gwen: Well what did আপনি want for breakfast now that I'm up
Cody: I'll have..You!
Gwen: Very funny seriously what did আপনি want
Cody: you
Gwen: I'm being serious!
Cody: Seriously you!
Gwen: I give up আপনি can starve for all I care
Cody: -giggles-

Meanwhile Cody is on the phone to Bridgette (talking quietly while Gwen's not around)
Bridgette:So Cody is she gone?
Cody: Yes now what?
Bridgette: Meet at my place
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All of a sudden gwens mind freezes. She cant belive that she atually ব্যক্ত that! "Really? আপনি Really mean it?" Cody says in a high pitch voice. "Yes cody." Gwen says with a sigh. "YAAAAAA HOOOOOO!" Cody yells. "Okay cody, but আপনি cant tell anybody! Even owen!" Gwen says. "Okay gwen, Whatever আপনি say!" Cody says very happily.
From a distence Trent watches. " I knew i shouldnt have trusted her!" Trent says in a mad voice.

*At the mess hall*

Cody and Gwen smile at each other. Gwen laughs at all of codys jokes and she agrees with him on everything. "Hmmm... I think theres something going on with them."...
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posted by CUTEDXC
gwen-wat do u mean?
trent-u heard me!
gwen-wat ever! *runs out the bone yard crying and jumps in the car and drives off*
trent-she will be mine oh yes she will be MINE
gwen-*talks to her self* how could he D:
trent-*jumps in his car and follows gwen*
gwen-WTF is that?..OMG its trent *steps on the brakes* *trent stops to* *they get out of there cars*
gwen-WAT WAT DO U WANT!?! i am just a girl
trent-no u r not just a girl *starts to rain* *gwens hair and dress blows in the wind* u r a special beautiful girl u r one of a kind
gwen-thx u but no u r just not me...CODY WAS!!
trent-i killed him...GET OVER...
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"Cody this is the last time im going to say this, we are never ever going to go out!" Gwen yells.
Everybody gasps. Codys eyes fill with tears. "Yo, girl come on give him a chance" Leshawna sighs. Trents eyes widen. "I'll think about it." Gwen says with a sigh.

Gwen puts on her pajamas and walks to her bed. "Hey why dont আপনি take those pajamas off?" Trent suggests. "For what?" Gwen says raising her eyebrow. Trent walks over to gwen slowly. "I think আপনি know." Trent says while putting his arms around gwens waist. Trent picks up gwen and takes her to the dock of shame. they lay down side...
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I was thinking about something earlier, and I thought, "There should be a Sierra, Gwen and Cody প্রণয় triangle". It's just like the other ones, but different. It has a conflict: Sierra and Gwen, a friendship: Cody and Gwen, and two relationships: Sierra and Cody অথবা Cody and Gwen. So if u think about it, Cody's the victim here. Let's just see in season 5. I heard that the new TD contestants and the old ones are gonna be together in that season. So, maybe Sierra and Cody will start a relationship, অথবা Gwen will break up with Duncan and start a relationship with Cody. Who knows?
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I don't own anything.

"I can't believe it Duncan dumped me to go back out with Courtney"

I could see Gwen wasn't ok.

"Gwen is there anything i could do to help?"

"Go kill Courtney maybe"

"I can't do that"

I sat down পরবর্তি to her and she put her head on my shoulder.

"I mean i'm pretty and funny and nice..and Courtney.....she has the one guy i should have"

"Gwen don't আপনি think they would have gone back out even if আপনি guys weren't dating?"

"Yea but he's.."

"Cute funny....and has someone else"

I couldn't bring up that i still like her.not now.


"Why don't we go to the bleach i mean we have 2 weeks...
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GWEEN!!!!!!! cody yelld.Cody huuu,gwen gaspd.Cody nealy fell off the cliff if gwen dident save him.You,you saved me,cody wisperd. well define saved,gwen trying to change the subject.ugh.. come with me,gwen said.

*at the dock of shame*

look the thing is i really like you,gwen cyed.whait i don't get it,than why do আপনি avoyd me,cody wimperd. because iff people saw us together than my life wold be over,gwen anounced.well we can তারিখ just secretly,cody wisperd. how,gwen questind.

*midnight at the dock of shame*

ok im gonna চুম্বন আপনি on the cheek got it(and maby ill add some toung into it),gwen wisperd.gwen doged for the cheek when cody turd his head and it was an autamatick toung kiss.

*to be continued*
posted by bubble_babe
'Cody' Sat at the Bon আগুন and wached Noah go home, I felt a little sad, he was a cool friend, but him স্নেহ চুম্বন me really creeped me out, yes, Noah kissed me twice, he fond out that I was Bi, stared off দ্বারা স্নেহ চুম্বন my ear, then going for my lips, god, Good bye Gwen. Man, my frist চুম্বন a guy.......
"God for once I would just like to চুম্বন a girl." I ব্যক্ত out loud
"Is that why your chacing me?" I turned back to see Gwen
"No, I just dig you." I ব্যক্ত as she took a set পরবর্তি to me
"So why didn't আপনি two tell us your gay?" She asked
"I'm not GAY! he kissed me!" I said
"Ah..but আপনি let him!" she pointed out
"Yeah...Frist চুম্বন is a friest kiss....lucky i'm bi." I said
" আপনি just wanna চুম্বন a girl?" she asked
"Yeah...thats all I want..." I said, then I felt her cup my chin and plant one on me! it was AWESOME, she kissed better than I thought! Then it ended
"Got your wish." then she walked away