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 The Originals 1x03
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rolling in the deep
সঙ্গীত video
Dean and Sam rushed into the hospital, to the reception room. “Hi, my friend was brought in here” “What’s your friend’s condition?” the receptionist asked. “Eh” Dean hesitated, looking at Sam.
“Sam! Dean!”
The Winchesters turned around and saw Anna running their way. “Come with me, I know where he is” she said. She turned around again and Sam and Dean followed her. “I found him lying in the middle of a crossroad, bleeding badly. I’ve been having this bad feeling all দিন and I’m so furious with myself that I didn’t look for him sooner”
She stopped at a door....
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Tyler parked his car on the parking lot of the Mystic Grill. He saw Caroline leaning against the দেওয়াল outside drinking some Bourbon. He hoped she wouldn’t look up. But as he made his way to the entrance she looked up.
“Tyler?” she ব্যক্ত surprised.
Just keep walking, Tyler thought.
“I know আপনি can hear me, Tyler” Caroline ব্যক্ত uncomprehending. “Why are আপনি avoiding me?”
Tyler stopped and walked towards Caroline. “Caroline, hi” he forced himself to say. He scratch his hair, feeling uncomfortable. “Don’t you…don’t আপনি have school to go to?”
“Lunch break” Caroline explained....
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“Who’s Ronnie, if I may ask?” Klaus asked. Tyler frowned, wondering how Klaus knew about her. But the moment Klaus conjured Tyler’s phone everything was clear.
“She’s sent আপনি quite some messages” he ব্যক্ত অভিনয় admired. “What happened to the blonde one?”
Tyler didn’t answer that, but he did answer Klaus first question. “She’s just some girl who got here a few weeks ago. Here is Mystic Falls…We’re still in Mystic Falls, right?”
“Sure we are” Klaus smirked. “Something else I should know? Something important, maybe?”
“She knows a little too much” Tyler...
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Tyler opened his eyes and gasped for air. The night was slowly giving in to the দিন and Tyler was still tied onto that chair.
“Good morning, sunshine” Klaus said, who was sitting in front of him in Indian style. He had a small flask in his left hand. “I hope you’re hungry”
“Can’t আপনি just let me go already?” Tyler said, who was having trouble breathing. Blood came streaming from his eyes. What was wrong?
“I can’t let আপনি go” Klaus said. “Not before আপনি had breakfast” He continued, waving the flask. He scribbled up and opened the flask.
Tyler pressed his lips together, but Klaus easily separated them and poured the blood that was in the flask into his mouth.
“Now আপনি won’t be so eager to run off, now will you?” Klaus ব্যক্ত as he untied Tyler.
Tyler woke up and found himself chained onto a chair. “What the hell?”
“Oh, no, not hell. Heaven. That’s where you’ll soon be” a voice said. A voice that sounded horribly familiar. A shadow came over Tyler and Klaus came in vision.
“Seriously? আপনি again? If I wanted to see your ugly face again I would’ve প্রদত্ত আপনি a call” Tyler ব্যক্ত annoyed. Being imprisoned দ্বারা Klaus was getting really old. “Look, whatever আপনি want with me, can আপনি just get it over with already?”
“Oh, but of course” Klaus said. He bit his wrist and forced Tyler to drink his blood. Then he grabbed Tyler’s neck and snapped it.
“And now we wait” Klaus said.
“So this is where people go these days to be social” Rebekah ব্যক্ত looking around in the Grill.
“Well, it’s definitely the most জনপ্রিয় establishment in town” Stefan replied.
“Don’t আপনি mean the only establishment?” Rebekah ব্যক্ত disdainful. Stefan emptied his glass. “You want another shot?” he asked.
“Sure, keep them coming” Rebekah smiled. She emptied her glass, as well as the সেকেন্ড and the third. “How long does it take for আপনি to get drunk?”
“Why?” Stefan asked. “You have plans for me?”
A smirk appeared on Rebekah’s face. “Well, if আপনি come with me, I...
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“It’s alright, আপনি can take your time” the doctor said. She stared at the young woman who was sitting opposite of her and hadn’t ব্যক্ত a word since she walked in.
“I need help” Bonnie eventually ব্যক্ত with a small voice. The doctor nodded. “That’s why you’re here. Acknowledging you’re powerless is the first step and you’ve taken it”
“I’ve done horrible things” Bonnie ব্যক্ত staring at the desk. “And my victims will carry the scars forever”
“That’s how things look like right now” the doctor said. “In time it could change. They can learn to live with it, as...
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Ronnie opened the door to let in whoever was knocking. “Seriously, flowers? Can আপনি say cheesy?”
Tyler put the ফুলেরডালি in Ronnie’s hands. “This is me saying I’m sorry”
“And it took আপনি seven days to get those words over your lips?” Ronnie asked sarcastic.
“No, I just hoped you’d be আরো forgiving দ্বারা now” Tyler answered. “Can I come in?” Ronnie looked around as if she wanted to check if he’d come alone. “How did আপনি find me?”
“Eh, Caroline’s mom is the sheriff of Mystic Falls. It was pretty easy” Tyler confessed.
“Oh, I see” Ronnie sighed. “Well, I suppose...
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The door in the living room went open and Kelsey entered the house. She had wished her parents were gone to bed, but even her 13 বছর old sister was still awake.
“You’re প্রথমপাতা early” Amber noted, looking at the clock. “It’s not even midnight yet”
“What’s on your head?” Gabe pointed at Kelsey’s head. Kelsey, who had forgotten there was blood on it, tried to wipe her head. “Oww” she groaned.
“What is it?” Gabe repeated. Kelsey shot a glance at her sister and Rachel understood what she was trying to say. “Amber, go to your room. It’s bedtime”
It was as if Rachel...
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“Little harder, Stefan. We don’t want to make it too hard for Klaus to track us down” Katherine sarcastically said. She and Stefan were back in the woods, trying to find Amber and Kelsey.
“Klaus is the least of our worries right now” Stefan said. “He’s not going after us now”
“How d’you know? আপনি can read his mind?” Katherine ব্যক্ত snarky.
“He could’ve killed us last night, but he didn’t”
“Yeah, because we got away”
“But if he wanted to kill us, he could’ve easily” Stefan said. “He’s not after us. Not now anyway”
Katherine shook her head....
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