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 The Originals 1x03
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Dean was sitting on a chair, পরবর্তি to Cas’ hospital bed. There was only one visitor allowed and Sam and Dean had agreed to switch turns.
“Why are আপনি so reckless?” Dean mumbled helpless.
The পরবর্তি moment Cas sat up and gasped for air.
“Cas?” Dean ব্যক্ত and he stood up. He wanted to call a doctor when Cas took his hand.
“Am I alive?” he asked faint.
“Yeah” Dean nodded relieved. “You’re alive”
Cas closed his eyes and fell asleep.
A couple of hours later he woke up and saw he had company. Dean hadn’t left, and Sam, Jo, Ellen and Anna had joined him.
“You gave us all a big...
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A cold wind teased Kelsey’s naked body and she shivered. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. There was nothing but leaves. Kelsey searched the ground with her hands and they touched something cold and solid. She slowly and fearful rotated her head. When she saw her sister’s body she gasped and covered her mouth. “Oh my God” she started crying as she crawled to Amber. “Amber, wake up. Please, honey, wake up” But Ambers eyes remained closed. “I’m so sorry, Amber. This is all my fault” she sobbed.
“Hey, আপনি didn’t do all of it. I kicked some গাধা too”
Kelsey looked...
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Klaus had a firm grip on Ambers sister.
“You let go of her!” Amber screamed.
Kelsey’s body pulled together and her eyes bulged. She clenched her teeth and screamed.
“What did আপনি do to her?” Amber cried.
Klaus smiled. “I gave her something to slow down the changing process”
“What changing process?” Amber asked confused and frustrated.
Klaus dramatically gasped. “Oh my dear, she didn’t tell you, did she?”
“Tell me what?” Amber asked with a tiny voice. She looked at her sister. “Kelsey, what’s there to tell me? This is why আপনি were so scared for me, isn’t it?”
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Bonnie put out the lights and headed to the stairs, when the door smashed open and Damon grabbed her throat. In a reflex she lifted her knee and Damon immediately let go of her. He gasped and grabbed the দেওয়াল to restore his balance.
“I am so sick of আপনি ভ্যাম্পায়ার grabbing my throat” she hissed. “It’s hard enough having আপনি in my life, I don’t need আপনি to touch me”
Damon quickly recovered and attacked Bonnie again. “And I’m sick of this aching” he hissed back. “My head feels like it’s about to explode, my back is on আগুন and it’s like I’m walking on needles all the time”...
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The পরবর্তি morning Bonnie felt a lot better and it looked like the weather was copying her mood. She walked outside to get some fresh air and almost stumbled over Jeremy.
“Jeremy?!” she exclaimed. Jeremy startled and looked up. He was completely soaked and wrecked. “Oh my God, আপনি sat here all night? Let’s get আপনি inside” Bonnie ব্যক্ত worried. She sounded like herself again, Jeremy noticed. He got up and followed her inside. “Why didn’t আপনি go home, Jeremy?” Bonnie asked, while she was putting some tea. “I was worried” Jeremy said, shaking from the cold. “You were অভিনয় very...
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Jeremy entered Bonnie’s house after he had knocked several times. He knew she was home, he had seen shadows. So he walked down the hall and opened the door. “Bonnie? Are আপনি there?” he called out. He looked around in the suspiciously quiet room. Then he saw Bonnie standing in the corner. He almost hadn’t noticed her. “Bonnie? Why are আপনি standing there?” he asked suspicious. Bonnie left her corner and walked towards him. “Why are আপনি here, Jeremy?” she asked. Jeremy recognized her voice, but there was something in her way of speaking that worried him. “I need to talk to you”...
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Night came in and Cas was standing on a crossroad. He buried a small, tin box in the ground and then took a step back.
“Get your গাধা down, here, Crowley!” he yelled.
A few long সেকেন্ড later Crowley appeared. “Give me one good reason why I wouldn’t kill আপনি this very instant”
“Because I have something better in store” Cas said. He took a deep breath and then continued. “You have to bring Dean back to life”
“Let me guess, I get your soul in return” Crowley ব্যক্ত bored. “Sorry, but that’s getting so old. Nice chatting” He wanted to leave, when Cas quickly said: “Not...
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We kennen Glee-hoofdrolspeelster Jane Lynch vooral অগ্রদূত haar typetje Sue Sylvester, de ontzettend onuitstaanbare turnlerares অগ্রদূত William McKinley High School. De actrice kondigde vandaag aan welke nieuwe rol ze zal krijgen in de wereldberoemde Broadwaymusical "Annie", namelijk die অগ্রদূত de boosaardige weeshuisdirectrice Miss Hannigan.

De actrice vertelde onlangs nog aan de Amerikaanse media dat ze bezig was met onderhandelingen voor een rol in een Broadwayshow. Typisch voor zulke shows is dat ze bekende film- en televisieacteurs inschakelen voor de hoofdrollen.
Vandaag kondigde Lynch aan dat ze...
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