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So far after having 15 hamsters over the course of 8 years only two have died from an illness.

~The First ধেড়ে ইঁদুরের ন্যায় প্রাণিবিশেষ Lucy 1 1/2yrs~
First i noticed she couldn't open her mouth very well and she could barely eat. I made an appointment with Eastwood vet. clinic in Rutland, Vermont. Dr. Bruce looked at her and found she had an abcess in her mouth. He squeezed it and puss came out. Then he gave her two shots, clipped her teeth and sent me প্রথমপাতা with antabiodicts. She fought for her life for almost two weeks after that. Finally she died.

~The সেকেন্ড ধেড়ে ইঁদুরের ন্যায় প্রাণিবিশেষ Ruby would've been 2yrs. on December 25,2010(Lucy's...
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