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The bittersweet story of much-loved hamster, Blinky.
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my ধেড়ে ইঁদুরের ন্যায় প্রাণিবিশেষ is Jake he is a Syrian but luckily he doesn't make that much mess. first u put your hammy(hamster) in a ball অথবা আপনি put them in a play pen if u have a nice brother অথবা sister they might watch your hammy 4 u. ok 1st u need 2 take out all there things like খাবার bowl water bowl wheel any toys and a there house thingy. once আপনি have done this আপনি need 2 rummage through your hammy's cage 2 see if they have any things like chews অথবা anything like that. পরবর্তি u need 2 get a bin bag and empty out all the bedding and stuff. after this u need 2 disinfect your hammy's cage and wipe it down then...
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posted by gtomlinson66
My ধেড়ে ইঁদুরের ন্যায় প্রাণিবিশেষ is called jake he is 1 on the 5th of October. when I first got him I literally looked at him and he looked back then I knew he was the 1 4 me. on the way প্রথমপাতা jake cept on scurring about. when I got প্রথমপাতা I put him in his brand new cage I set up the দিন before. he had an water bottle, খাবার bowl, wheel ,a chewing thing, a house thingyand another toy. he seemed really happy. I left him 4 3 days so that he could get used 2 his প্রথমপাতা then I started talking 2 him 4 a few days. after this I slowly began 2 try and stroke him luckily he didn't bite me yey.then after a couple of days of doing that I attempted 2 pick jake up. he was fine with it yey again!!I put him in my bath 9dont worry I didn't give him a bath) I sat in there with him and he sniffed me.
every দিন I handle him and he is always good I প্রণয় him sssoooo much!!!
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My hamsters seeking for a drop of দুধ <3
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baby hamsters
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