(i have edited this প্রবন্ধ so there r no spelling mistakes :) )

Hello everyone, today I'm going to tell আপনি why Twilight is a BILLION times better than the Harry Potter. Here are some reasons.

1. First, they are no swear words!! I mean I heard in Hp they is swearing, like "h*ll" and "b*tch" I mean little kids are পাঠ করা that!! Like 7 and 8 years olds!! It's crazy!!!111 In Twilight, there is no swearing beacuse it is a child নিরাপদ book :)

2. HP is for kids only!! I mean Twilight is for all ages!!! I haven't read HP but I know only little kids read it!! Twilight is for everyone, my 10 বছর old cousin is পাঠ করা it n my grandma is পাঠ করা it too!!!

3. People die in Hp!!!!!!! That's wrong! Dying is bad but Hp treats it LIke its okay. In twilight no one dies, only bad peoples do and that's okay because they are bad. in hp Bad people AND good people die. That is wrong wrong. and the বই are sad, my friend told me!!

4. Hp is boring. I mean seriously I tries পাঠ করা the first book n got borred in 5 mins. Yes, is that boring. and I heard that that the ending is crappy. But in TWILIGHT, its all exciting and has romance!!!!!!! and action!!!!!

5. The চলচ্চিত্র r obviusly better! I mean kristen stewart, robert pattinson and taylor lautner are very very talented!! compared to hp, they are NOT!

6. The characters are stupid and boring while in Twilight it is not!!

Oh well, that's all for now!! আরো later, and আপনি KNOW twilight is better than hp!!

Peace out, Edward's Gurl