Here is a তালিকা of flaws found in Twilight:

1. Quileute Tribe - She added imprinting, which isn't even in their history, as a way to manipulate the relationships and have automatic 'true love' . If I was Quileute I would feel insulted.



2. Basic Biology - It is stated in New Moon that an ancestor of the Quileute tribe transferred his soul to a real নেকড়ে when his earthly body had been destroyed. In Breaking Dawn, Edward reveals that the Quileute tribe are not real werewolves, but shape-shifters. How can it be that this transformation is genetic for the descendants of the tribe?

3. Armed forces of Confederate States of America - "The soldiers of the Confederate armed forces consisted mainly of white males aged between sixteen and twenty-eight." So Jasper should not have had to lie about his age.

4. She hasn't created Embry's father, which is a basic thing আপনি should know.

5. It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a license. In Washington state, one must undergo a special course to get that license, which Bella did not. It's a small town, someone would've reported them.

6. Twilight says Brazil is on the West Coast, whereas in reality, it's on the East Coast.

7. Forks is actually not the rainiest town in America.

8.In New Moon, right before Bella and Alice enter Volterra, Alice hands a guard "a thousand dollar bill". There are no thousand dollar bills circulating to the general public in American currency অথবা in Euros. The ones that do exist are only used in large corporations. A thousand Italian lira would roughly be 75 cents in American currency and therefore nothing to impress the guard with to let them pass.

9. Why do they sparkle? I mean, if she used it as a way of saying the evolved from burning to sparkling than I would understand, but...what?